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A local court has directed the police to take concrete measures to arrest the absconding confidant of infamous government gunman Papa Kishtwari. The Court also directed the police to file a detailed report about the non-recovery of arms and ammunitions used by pro-government gunman Ghulam Mohammad Lone alias Papa Kishtwari and his associates.

The petitioner Zahoor Ahmed Mir had submitted an application in the court of First Additional District Judge Srinagar in which he had prayed that the close associate and confidant of Papa Kishtwari namely Maqbool Sheikh is still absconding. The applicant had further  prayed before the court that the state machinery including the prosecution has failed till date to recover the arms and ammunition that was lying with Kishtwari.

Acting upon the applicants complaint, the court directed the police to file the status report and initiate proceedings and investigation for recovery for the illegal arms and ammunition that was lying with the papa Kishtwari gang, and to be also investigated who had supplied the said arms and ammunition to the illegal group that time when they were active as government sponsored gunman.

The court also directed police to nab the close associate of Kishtwari, who is still absconding.

Pertinently, a residents of Nishat Zahoor Ahmad Mir had lodged a case in the police Station Nishat accusing Papa Kishtwari of being involved in the murder and subsequent disappearance of his father Ali Muhammad Mir.

Kishtwari and his two colleagues, at present under arrest, are facing trial in the case registered at Nishat police under section 364,342,302, 201, 120B.

Zahoor has alleged that his father, Ali Muhammad Mir, a contractor by profession was abducted from his residence at Brein Nishat on June 26, 1996.

He has alleged that on the same night he was killed at Frestabal, Pampore by Papa Kishtwari’s men on his directions and his body was thrown into river Jehlum. The Government Gunman Kishtwari has remained protected person for 12 years until he was arrested in 2007.


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