COVID-19 2nd Wave: LG Sinha Promises Continuous Oxygen And Medication Supply To Combat The Pandemic, Writes In An Op-Ed Piece

SRINAGAR: In an apparent attempt to boost public morale, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha said on Monday that there was no need to be concerned because the government was ensuring an uninterrupted supply of medicines and oxygen to combat COVID19 in Jammu and Kashmir.

“The administration is alert and working round the clock to ensure best health-care facilities. I am continuously reviewing hospitals preparedness, strengthening core capacities, and ensuring uninterrupted supply of medicines and oxygen. There is no need to panic. We have one of the best doctors to population ratio in the country, medical infrastructure and I can assure you, the administration is committed to tackling the impact of COVID-19,” the LG wrote in an opinion piece for a local daily.

The second wave of Coronavirus, according to the Lieutenant Governor, is drastically altering life and the economy, “Our entire medical staff, corona warriors, frontline workers, youth, people associated with essential and emergency services, volunteers, urban local bodies, Panchayati Raj Institutions have a huge responsibility in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic,” he wrote.

Jammu and Kashmir, according to Sinha, has one of the highest doctor-to-population ratios and medical facilities in the world. “I can assure you, the administration is committed to tackling the impact of COVID-19,” he further said.

COVID-19 vaccination for people aged 18 to 45 years has been agreed to be free in the Union Territory, according to Sinha, “It is my humble request to all of you to get yourself vaccinated and educate others too. With the active participation of youth, we will certainly win the fight against Covid-19,” he said.

“I can speak from my experience that a single unit acting alone cannot make much headway in a demanding situation. We must forge a partnership with others like academia, the private sector, self-help groups, the public sector, and the various arms of the administration for a common path of development,” he said as he urged people to support one another in this ongoing health crisis, saying that because the second wave is interfering with people’s everyday lives, each individual’s burden will be even greater.

Furthermore, Sinha also urged people to take advantage of the resources presented by the Covid crisis to strengthen society. “While the Covid Pandemic continues, we need to focus on boosting productivity, investments and ensure recovery speed is not hampered. On the policy front, there will be long-term economic challenges but I believe with people participation, we can increase growth outlooks and reduce unemployment further,” he said.

“We are making most of the opportunities in education and skill training by exploring various online modes, working on growth and prosperity, good governance, and grass-root development with the help of elected Panchayat representatives and the people,” he said while emphasizing that the administration, has taken resolute action in response to the continuing Covid threat.


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