Covid-19 Third Wave: Over 40K Tests In 24 Hours, A New Record

SRINAGAR: The Directorate of Health Services Kashmir (DHSK) on Wednesday conducted more than 40,400 Covid-19 tests across Kashmir hospitals which is the highest single-day figure during the two years of the pandemic in the region.

Health workers walk through a snow-covered pavement during a door to door campaign for COVID-19 vaccination at a village in Baramulla district on, Wednesday, January 12, 2022. KL Image by Bilal Bahadur

A spokesperson Directorate of Health Services Kashmir said that 40,400 tests in a single day are the recorded testing achieved so far in the past two years of the pandemic in the valley.

Giving further details the spokesperson said today a total of 11,273 RT-PCR tests were conducted while a total of 29,163 rapid antigens tests (RAT) were conducted throughout the day.

Director Health Services Kashmir (DHSK), Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Rather has congratulated healthcare workers and said that they have proved their commitment and dedication.

He said that they have taken a keen interest in the testing saying that testing is the only way forward to detect the disease and will help in mitigation of Covid-19.

The director said health experts have been asking people to go for testing so that cases are detected early and properly isolated and surveillance measures and their contacts can be traced for the contamination.

He said the role of the health department in this regard has been appreciated by all. The testing facilities have been kept available in all hospitals and vital places.


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