Covid19 Vaccination Not Permitted For Children, Top Paediatrician

SRINAGAR: Unlike 2020, the Covid19 second wave is infecting children hugely.

“There was this general observation during the first wave of Covid pandemic that children were least affected and were asymptomatic or having mild symptoms, but in the prevailing second wave of the virus more children are infected which demonstrates the severity of infection”, said, Dr Muzaffar Jan, Kashmir’s top Paediatrician said. Cough, cold, fever, body ache and diarrhoea are the symptoms of Covid infection among children, he said.

“Oxygen saturation of children should be above 94. However, the O2 saturation reading between 94 to 90 is a symptom of mild infection and below it indicates the severity of infection,” Dr Jan said. “In severe infection, a child becomes lethargic, vomits and gets diarrhoea. Sometimes children get convulsions and shock due to infection

Monitor and check whether a child is breathing, responding normally or has become lethargic, he advised.

“Infectious children should be kept in isolation and administered immunity boosters including vitamins and zinc besides a paracetamol tablet,” he said. “In a condition of severe symptoms a child should be hospitalized.”

However, he maintained that Covid vaccination for children is not allowed because the issue is under trial, yet. Although, the USA has allowed vaccination for children above 12-year-olds just a day before but still covid vaccination for children has not been permitted in other countries till now, the paediatrician informed.

Regarding breastfeeding, Dr Jan said that Covid positive mother can breastfeed a child while properly following SOPs particularly with wearing facemask and sanitisers applied on hands after washing.

Besides, other routine immunisation to children after their Covid infection can be given two weeks after the child becomes asymptomatic. However, if the child has received steroids or tocilizumab then routine immunisation should be deferred by 3 months, instructed Dr Jan.

It was advised by Dr Muzaffar that children should be kept away from elderly people because old age people are prone to get Covid infection besides high morbidity risk to them.


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