Create situation for talks, NCs Shafi Urvi tells government


Regretting that the state government has strongly resorted to the state terrorism, strictly following Delhi strong arms tactics, NC leader Mohammad Shafi Urvi told the house that the ruling coalition has forgotten its agenda. He piloted the speeches on the obituary references.

“Home Minister of India says on daily basis that solution to Kashmir is being found out,” Urvi said. “But they have closed the doors of talks which is essence of the democracy. If you are not talking then how are you going ahead.”

The former minister said that Delhi is talking in North East but in Kashmir it is using the strong arm tactics.

He told the Chief Minister that the government should stop resorting to state terrorism and exhibit patience. “From Jagmohan onwards, rulers came here saying that they had stopped Kashmir from going astray,” Urvi said. “Nothing is going anywhere.”

NC veteran said that Kashmir has a resistance movement which cannot be crushed by the power. He said the government must talk to the people when though they have a different point of view.

“Kashmir is right now on fire,” the member said. “If you add to the fire, it will devour all of us.”

Shafi suggested that the government should have been reconciliatory. What was the harm in hating the CASO and other operation in deference of the month of fasting?, he asked. He asked the Chief Minister to be response to the situation and prevent the escalation of a serious crisis in Kashmir. He said the people are being killed like ants and hospitals are full with injured.

Following the Urvi line, Congress leader G M Saroori said this government has completely failed because it has forgotten what it stood for.”You got Nagpur mission and Bajrang Dal mission here,” Saroori said. “Now your MLAs are asking people not to trade with Kashmiris.”

He said Kashmir is the crisis of BJP that started with Jagmohan. He said Kashmiris Muslims are secular but the party created a wedge between the communities.

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