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A deal between BJP and PDP is likely a few days away as an intense round of negotiations has started in New Delhi on Tuesday.

So far, the two parties have held over 15 rounds of talks and the latest has started just now, reliable sources said.

Sources said that the talks are in decisive phase and the decision on alliance and government formation could be announced any time in the coming couple of days.

Pertinently, reports were coming that the final call now needs to be taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, amid speculation that the sealing of alliance has been stuck on the issues of AFSPA and Article 370.

Reports claimed that the BJP has already given in to PDP’s claim to chief minister’s post for the full six-year term. PDP patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed will take over the post when a new government is formed.

The BJP’s stand on contentious issues like Article 370, Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and the settlement of west Pakistan refugees in Jammu and Kashmir has been diagonally opposed to that of the PDP.

The PDP has been seeking firm assurances on protection of Article 370, while the BJP is for a debate on whether this temporary provision of the Indian Constitution, granting special status to J&K, should stay or go.

According to the PDP, the west Pakistan refugees are not permanent residents of the state, as it existed before the accession of J&K to India in 1947.

While the BJP maintains that the AFSPA can only be revoked after the security forces recommend it, the PDP wants its gradual withdrawal to be determined by the state government and not the security forces.


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