Hokersar is literally the heaven of migratory birds because tens of thousands of water fowls chose to visit this wetland. This wetland is always first priority of these guest birds, which come from different parts of the world to visit valley during winters. Hokersar wetland, which is some 10 kilometers away from Srinagar, houses near about six lac migratory birds and the census report which was published some days back shows that about of 567884 birds comprising 33 species, 81% migratory birds visit this wetland.

This is the hard labour of the concerned warden and his team that the guest birds mostly Gadwalls, northern Pintail, Conman Teal, Eurasian Coot, Geese and Northern Shoveler are enjoying their sojourn visit smoothly in this heaven.

Pertinently, the Asian water bird census was conducted in Jammu and Kashmir recently by Indian Bird conversation Network in collaboration with Bombay natural History society and it was for the first time in the history of Jammu and Kashmir that this type of census was done. As per the experts, conducting this census helps to know the status of the wetlands and residents as well as the migratory waterfowls.

Kashmir Life Photographer Bilal Bahadur spent a day in this important water body and  captured the flights of these water birds.

Migratory birds crowd a marsh at the Hokersar wetland in Srinagar, Kashmir.
Hokersar attracts visitors and bird lovers from different parts of the world during winters.
Every year around six lac migratory birds comprising 33 species visit Srinagar, Kashmir.
Over the years the number of birds visiting Hokersar has increased.
Migratory birds taking siesta in Hokersar wetland on the outskirts of Srinagar, Kashmir.
Spread over 13.7 kms Hokersar is one of the biggest wet lands in Kashmir.
Migratory birds in flight over Hokersar in Srinagar, Kashmir.
Experts believe that because of ideal climatic conditions there has been an increase in the migration over last few years.
Migratory birds enjoying their stay in Srinagar, Kashmir.



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