Cut short ‘huge expenses’ of ministers, bureaucrats: Er Rasheed to Govt

Incumbent MLA Langate, Er Rasheed has termed the issuing of guest control order a welcome move and said that the move should have been made much earlier to bring civic sense and to stop wastage of money and other commodities on weddings and other social functions.

In a statement issued here, Rasheed said “Though there is no dearth of people in the society who do perform social and religious functions with simplicity, but wastage of money for marriages and other functions had become an unavoidable tradition and those who could not afford such huge expenses had to go to any extent to organize such ceremonies. The Administration must implement the order in letter and spirit. Masses including social and religious organisations need to launch a vigorous awareness campaign on the issue.”

Er Raheed

However, Rasheed asked govt to issue and implement an order imposing strict restrictions on ministers, MLA’s, bureaucrats and other govt dignitaries making them not to cause huge burdens on state exchequer at the cost of common men in the name of performing their duties.

“The sincerity of govt will be proven if day to day travelling and other expenses of ruling elite class are brought to lowest minimum level. The number of vehicles in the cavalcades of ministers and other public figures including bureaucrats should be restricted and all those in the power corridors should surrender additional govt accommodations. They must not be allowed to use govt employees like their domestic servants and must surrender many more undue facilities being provided under law in the name of discharging their duties.”


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