Governance hit because of PDP’s musical-chairs over portfolios: NC

National Conference on Wednesday said basic governance had taken a hit in the State because of what it termed as a game of “musical chairs” that was being played over the choice of portfolios even as the PDP-BJP Alliance has been in power since two years. NC State Spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu said the Chief Minister was responsible for this chaos and the responsibility ended with her. “The CM can’t play these inner-party games at the cost of the common-man who is being deprived of governance even though there is an elected Government in office”, the NC Spokesperson said in a statement issued from Party Headquarters in Srinagar.

The NC Spokesperson said key departments in the State have had multiple Minister within a short period of two years and this erratic behavior has led to chaos and confusion in key departments as every Minister has tried to implement his own strategy and vision – which often comes at a cost of productivity and continuity in existing and ongoing works. “The key Public Works Department, for instance, has had three different Ministers within two years. Projects and their implementation have taken a direct hit because of this. The Chief Minister is the elected head of the Government and she cannot wreak havoc with the State’s institutions and administrative machinery by allowing PDP’s never-ending strife and issues to define how the Government functions”, the NC Spokesperson said.

“One Minister comes and literally turns everything upside down in the Education Department under the fig leaf of reform. Another Minister promises the moon in the horticulture sector only to be replaced by a Minister who refuses to take charge of the portfolio – a portfolio that is eventually foisted on him.Another Cabinet Minister has tendered his resignation and left the country without the people knowing if his resignation has been accepted or rejected and what happens off the departments he heads. The same is the case with key Ministries with PDP’s alliance partner – the BJP. The Health Ministry, for instance, has suffered immensely due to lack of continuity and stability and this has adversely affected the functioning of our hospitals and public health infrastructure – which amount to playing with the lives of common people”, the NC Spokesperson added.

The NC Spokesperson asked the Chief Minister to take a call if she wants to function as a PDP functionary or as a responsible Chief Minister who commanded the respect and loyalty of her Cabinet. “A Chief Minister who doesn’t have the loyalty and support of Cabinet Ministers from her own party cannot function as an efficient head of the government. The buck stops with the Chief Minister and she should introspect and realize what an enormous mess the Administration is in because of her lack of seriousness in delivering stability in the Government”, the NC Spokesperson stated.


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