Cyclists that include top cyclist of Kashmir, Mohammad Akber Khan have questioned J&K State Sports Council’s move of granting imported cycle to ‘government employee’ and out of competition cyclist as sponsorship.

Sports Council recently granted imported cycle worth more than Rs 2-lakhs who works in Department of Youth Services and Sports (DYSS) and according to cyclists has not been active in competitive cycling front from last two years.

Cyclist Akbar Khan (Picture Courtesy: Internet)

“I was shocked when I came to know about the development. I am happy that Sports Council is coming to the help of players but elements like these are taking them for a ride by misleading them. He (name withheld) is a government employee in DYSS and also is not active in cycling arena. He doesn’t deserve such type of special treatment,” said Akber to local news agency CNS.

“Sports Council should help deserving young players instead of those who are just after money. What will this employee do to this cycle? He doesn’t compete anymore and has got no worthwhile performance at National level. On contrary we have Adil Teli and Mansoor who bagged national medals last year. Apart from them there are young riders who should be helped,” he said.

He requested Secretary Sports Council to look into the matter and don’t allow some unscrupulous elements to misuse public money.

He suggested Council to keep all the equipment they have granted so far in their custody and grant that to cyclists whenever they go for competition.

“With that anyone can use that and it will help us to develop cycling in J&K,” he said.

Another cyclist, Mohammad Rafi said, “Out of competition atl east from three years and also a Government Employee, sponsored by State Sports Council is very sad. Those who in competition and deserving such type of sponsorship have been side lined by the JKSSC. Under which rule he has got Government help that too not from his parent department,” Rafi said.



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