Dadas’ Lost 2 Members In 2 Days To Covid19

SRINAGAR: Dada family in Anantnag lost two of its members to the dreaded Covid-19 within a few days. These include the sister-in-law of actor-activist Bashir Dada and her daughter in law.

“Am not able to understand how and (to) whom to mourn and how to explain this shocking news to three years old Baby,” Bashir Dada wrote emotionally while breaking the news of the family deaths on social media.

It was first the daughter-in-law of his brother, Abdul Hamid, who died. Identified as Shabnum, she was the wife of Asif and they had a 3-year old daughter. She was admitted to GMC Anantnag where her condition turned serious. The alleged non-availability of a critical care ambulance led to her death.

“She was young and could have managed the battle had she got the critical care ambulance,” Bashir Dada told one of his friends. “We did arrange a critical care ambulance from Srinagar but that was running short of Oxygen and might not have been able to supply for the entire route. So we lost this young lady to the infrastructure and not to the disease.”

A day later, Abdul Hamid’s wife was admitted to GMC Anantnag and couldn’t fight the Covid-19.

Reports said that of the seven members of the family, the only one that did not test positive was the three-year-old daughter. All others had tested positive. With two deaths, others are gradually recovering.


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