DAK advises people to wear homemade face cover in public places


Amid the rising trend of coronavirus cases, Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK ) on Saturday issued an advisory urging people to use handmade protective covers for face and mouth to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Doctors body stressed the need to strictly follow the recommended public health measures including social distancing to ward-off infection and suggested that in addition people should use homemade face covers.

President DAK, Dr Suhail Naik said that evolving research suggests that up to 25% of people infected may never have symptoms.

“And in others, their symptoms may not show up until 48 hours after being infected, according to new evidence. Yet researchers have said people in both groups may be “silent spreaders” of the virus,” he said.

“People think that if they don’t feel bad, they don’t have it and can’t give it to anyone. That is now misguided thinking. Wearing a mask in a public place is like “you save me and I will save you” and this is definitely going to curtail the Covid-19 pandemic,” Dr Naik said.

He advised people not to run after surgical triple layer or N-95  masks and must spare them for the frontline healthcare workers.

Furthermore, DAK advised its frontline health workers working in different designated corners to wear specific personal protective kits as directed by the Government of India.

“Lowering the protective guard is like doing suicide and may prove disastrous for the whole family,” he said.


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