‘Damage’ to JK’s Muslim Identity Will Not be Alloowed: Hurriyat (G)

KL Report


While terming the recommendations of the parliamentary committee regarding the Western Pakistan refugees as fiddling with fire, Hurriyat Conference (G) Friday announced that they will resist the move tooth and nail in every possible way and nobody will be allowed to “damage the Muslim identity and the demography of the state.”

In a statement a spokesperson of Hurriyat (G) said, “On the return of Geelani from New Delhi, we will discuss this grave issue in detail and a strategy will be formulated to stop this process. Actually RSS had came into power in New Delhi in the shape of Narendera Modi government and they are very eager to execute their already set dangerous policies regarding to the Kashmir and their actions in haste will set the Jammu & Kashmir on fire and the situation will be out of control for everybody.”

“Settlement of Pakistani refugee in Jammu & Kashmir resembles the Israel’s existence in Arab land which doesn’t have any moral and constitutional justification. Holocaust happened in Germany but its punishment was given to the Arabs and a dagger was stabbed in their chest in the shape of Israel. Similarly the punishment of the partition of India and Pakistan is being given to the Kashmiris and it is a conspiracy to make the Kashmiris strangers in their own land,” he said.

“At the time of partition, millions of people migrated from here to there vice versa. Both India and Pakistan permanently settled these people in their respective countries and issued citizenship in their favour. Jammu & Kashmir is a different issue and according to its disputed nature and the law of the land, no citizen of either India or Pakistan can be given citizenship of this state and nor can be anyone permanently settled hare. West Pakistan refugees have no right to become the permanent citizens of Jammu & Kashmir and the act of recommending state subjects in their favour and giving them the voting rights in the assembly elections is a mischievous act and it is a deliberate act of Indian parliamentary committee to further destabilize the state and it looks that it is the part of a vast plan to open the gates for Hindutva in Jammu & Kashmir,” he alleged.

The spokesperson said that Geelani at present is in Delhi for important health check-up and on his return, the issue of permanent settlement of refugees in the state and giving them the voting rights will be discussed in detail and a policy would be formulated to make these attempts ineffective.


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