#Day28: Artist Masood Hussain Comes Out with His Pellet Portrayal



Masood Hussain
Masood Hussain’s pellet portrait.

Barely a week after a Pakistani artist took internet by storm with his photoshopped pellet-hit celebrities—“with a motive to draw global attention regarding the pellet abuse in Kashmir”—Valley’s ace artist Masood Hussain has now come up with his artistic portrayal of pellet-hit kids of Kashmir.

Hussian’s depiction of two pellet-hit kids make for another powerful critique of the rampant use of pellet guns being used in Kashmir as crowd controller at the moment.

When contacted, Hussain—who has been regularly coming up with his situational depictions of Kashmir since nineties—told Kashmir Life that the portrayal is an artistic response to the pellet crisis in valley.

Masood Husaain
Artist Masood Hussain.

“While it pains you seeing little kids being blinded by pellets,” Hussain known for his versatile painting said, “but as an artistic, all you can do, is to stroke the canvas with that pain.” The celebrated painter said that he is coming up with a series of portrayals in coming days.

Masood Hussain’s another portrait.

When asked to differentiate between the Pakistani artist’s and his work on pellets, Hussain said: “I don’t need to use others to tell my pain—or, the pain of my people.”

Another one

The comments on the depictions he shared on his Facebook wall termed them “self-explanatory” and “disturbing”.

“Very disturbing,” a FB user posted on his wall, “Just as it should be.”

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