#Day41: ‘Body of Khrew’s Shabir Was Thrown On Road After Beaten To Death’



National Conference member Yawar Masoodi on Thursday evening issued a statement detailing the Khrew incident in which one teacher was killed and hundreds others injured by army and SOG. Masoodi demanded registration of FIR against the accused in killing of Shabir Ahmad Mangoo.

The statement is being reproduced here verbatim

Shabir Ahmad Mangoo, a resident of Shar-e-Shali Khrew was a professor at Amar Singh College at the hands of security forces.

As per available information, killing of Shabir Ahmad Mangoo is a cold blooded murder by security forces as he died in its custody.

The security forces comprising of ARMY, CRPF and SOG swooped on and cordoned the village Shar-e-Shali at around 10 PM when the residents were asleep and beat them mercilessly till 2 AM.

The forces after breaking open the doors and windows entered residential houses and attacked men, women and children. In the unjustified crackdown scores of people were injured and property worth millions damaged.

The forces targeted parked vehicles, window panes and electronic gadgets found in the houses.

The forces while leaving the village arrested and took around a dozen injured boys including the deceased who was also seriously injured in the crackdown.

On way, they killed Shabir Ahmad Mangoo and threw his dead body at Lethpora, which was later picked up by a sumo driver and took to Sub-District Hospital Pampore.

The security forces subsequently released all the arrested apparently to cover the custodial death of Shabir Ahmad Mangoo.

The statement said that Yawar demanded immediate registration of FIR for custodial death of Shabir Ahmad Mangoo and its impartial investigation so that the guilty are brought to book.

While condoling untimely and tragic death of Shabir Ahmad Mangoo, Yawar has expressed solidarity and sympathy with all the bereaved.

“Incidents of police excesses at different places have been reported and it is high time that concern about such excesses is seriously put forth, so that action is taken against the erring officers well in time and recurrence of such incidents stopped,” Yawar added.

Meanwhile, police sources told Kashmir Life that two FIRs were registered in this case. One of the FIRs has been lodged against protestors “for attacking army”. Another, apparently is in case of the murder.


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