#Day45: Fateh Kadal’s Slain Orphan Left Behind His Cushion-less Family



Irfan's mother and two sisters in the frame. (Photo: Bilal Bahadur/KL)
Irfan’s mother and two sisters in the frame. (Photo: Bilal Bahadur/KL)

The first thing that hits mourners in Malik Angan is that a family stands reduced to a grave crisis with the killing of Irfan, the lone breadwinner. The young man who lost his life in a close tear smoke shell hit was managing the life of his two student sisters, a handicapped brother and a widowed mother by driving an auto, the sole possession his mother had.

Irfan was killed within minutes after a group of youth drove him to SMHS Sunday evening. He was hit from a very close range and the impact of the shell might have punctured his heart.

Irfan Malik Angan
Irfan Ahmad Wani.

A visit to Malik Angan takes to a tent pitched on the main. Irfan’s mother is trying her best to console her two daughters, crying uninterrupted. Both, locals said, were going to school as their brother was keen to see them well-read. Tragically, one of his sisters had hennaed her hands misleading mourners as if she was a bride. She is still going to school.

His brother who has a serious handicap in his one hand was seen part of the emotional protestors not far away from the tent where women were insoluble. Residents said he is not working and is unemployed.

Irfan had lost his father barely 11 months back.

Youth protesting against the killing of Irfan.
Youth protesting against the killing of Irfan.

The family lives in a run-down structure as it lacked enough of resources to either reconstruct it or migrate out of the congested locality.

“They have no cushions now,” one of the family-friend told Kashmir Life. “I am myself in a fix about how the family of four will manage their survival.”

Irfan was killed in Malarata where, locals said, he had gone to attend the marriage in one of his relations. He had barely moved from Rainawari where he was also in another marriage of another of his relations, they said.

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