#Day45: Rasheed For Incorporating RSD In Indian Constitution To Solve Kashmir



Reacting to PM’s offer of talks within the framework of Constitution of India, AIP chief and MLA Langate Engineer Rasheed Monday said that there is nothing new in the offer except “insulting further the sacrifices of Kashmiris”.

In a statement issued this evening, Rasheed said, “since Nehru was the first elected PM and as such he was the custodian of constitution of India and a commitment agreed in the UN to hold plebiscite itself becomes part of constitution of India.”

“If GoI still believes that giving Right to Self Determination to Kashmiris is something against the Constitution of India, then let Indian Parliament amend the constitution and incorporate right to self-determination for people of J&K within the constitution of India, so that the solution that both the parties agree to, coincides with the constitution of India,” he said.

Reacting to Minister in PMO’s office, Dr Jitendra Singh’s ‘will and claims’ to hoist tri-colour in Mirpur and Muzaffarabad, Rasheed asked Jitendra Singh to “give his road map to fulfil his dream”.

“The only way Jitendra Singh and his fanatic colleagues can fulfil the dream of hoisting tri-colour in Muzaffarabad and Mirpur is to hold a plebiscite on both the sides of LoC,” he said.

“From Narendra Modi to biased and propagandist national media, everybody has been claiming that people of PaK are fed up with Pakistan and want to be part of India. PM Modi even thanked people of Azad Kashmir for raising their voice against alleged Pakistani atrocities and now and Jitendra Singh has publicly said in Jammu during the Tiranga Yatra that the ultimate goal is to hoist tri-colour in Mirpur and Muzaffarabad,” he said.

Er Rasheed said, “If Jitendra Singh is really serious in what he said and believes that people on both sides of LoC are fed up with Pakistan, then GoI must accede to holding plebiscite and people on both sides of LoC may then fulfil his dream.”

“Indian government knows the reality that what Kashmiris want, so there is a huge gap between its stand in public domain and that as a policy matter,” he said condemning Arun Jaitley for calling those on streets as “Pakistani agents”.

“Jaitley’s revelations are enough to reach the conclusion that every Kashmiri is a Pakistani by heart, as it is not few but almost everyone in Kashmir, Chenab Valley and Pir Panchal who have been on streets since last 45 days, despite all atrocities and state terrorism,” he said.

“Had Arun Jaitley’s or Jitender Singh’s sermons and claims any weight or any takers then from General Hooda to Chief Justice of India would never have said that the issue has neither a military solution nor  can judiciary help but needs only a political solution,” he added.

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