#Day57: Irate Forces Flex Muscles on Media Persons In Batamaloo



Run Away: The media men being charged in a Kashmir locality
Run Away: The media men being charged in a Kashmir locality. (KL file Image)

After CRPF men created mayhem inside Batamaloo area of Srinagar on Saturday morning, it was media personnel who faced irate forces near main Batamaloo chowk.

At least five photo-journalists were beaten and thrashed by armed police.

According locals, huge deployment of CRPF men was made early today. “CRPF men came beating men and women who were busy buying essentials,” a local said, “after thrashing and harassing the people, the CRPF men cut down power supplies and damaged electricity transformers which evoked intense protests from the local populace.”

The local said that the action of CRPF men led to confrontation between locals and the para-military forces but “elders of the area intervened and calmed the situation”.

Soon, as news spread, photo-journalists rushed to cover the events.

“However, armed police which were already deployed at the entry point of Batamaloo from Bus Stand had spread concertina wires and did not allow us to move forward,” a photo-journalist present at the spot told Kashmir Life.

“When we tried to move forward, police men stopped us,” the journalist said. “We have been categorically told not to allow anyone inside,” the cop told the media.

“We showed him the curfew passes issued by District Commissioner,” the journalist said, “but they told us nothing is admissible.”

It irked some media men but they were helpless.

“Meanwhile, a police van came and some cops went to talk to some top cop who was inside the van,” the journalist said, “as soon as the van left, the irate cops came rushing towards us with sticks in hands and we were beaten ruthlessly.”

The journalist said that Mubashir Khan, Jahangir, Umer Asif, Basit Zargar and Aman Farooq were beaten by the forces.


  1. Democracy democracy democracy!!!! Shhh my son, this is kashmir..
    Koi humse b pooche, hum kya chahte!!

    M mohsin.

    Its quite unfortunate to admit this harsh truth that whosoever has come up to regime in kashmir has filled our heart with different kind of unhealed scars. Moreover these scars are intangible to this world, Although it can be seen from the past,present and future suffering situations which are getting worst day by day,and can be felt from the unheard screams of our heart. But irony is none wants to know about the pain we endure, the crisis we bear,the massacre we face,and the lives we lose each day.
    Our PM narendra modi jii can talk about dalits,he can talk about beti bachao scheme, he can talk about new schemes to make hindustaan a big renowned india,he can quote vajpayee’s remarks on kashmir many times,But himself can never speak out a word for the brutal killings in kashmir. May b its the gunda raaj of army where our ministers cant afford to direct them about their real duty they are supposed to do,or may be its the ‘gunda ministers raaj’ where they are happy for whatever is happening in kashmir. Allah knows best.
    They can exaggerate our voice and tell the world that everything is normal in kashmir and give their illogical ratio of 95:5.
    But as per my little knowledge,i very well know these few things about kashmir and that is ; from past 26 years :- Almost 1,02,000 kashmiris have been killed, Out of which 7,048 have been killed in custody, 1,33,387 have been arrested. More than 8,100 have been disappeared. More than 15,000 have been injured including 6,500 injured this year,1,06,055 structures have been destroyed, 22,840 women widowed, 1,07,590 children orphaned, almost 11,000 women gang raped/molested. But Unfortunately this has been merely a practical emotional-tragic-movie for viewers/ministers which they love to watch again and again.
    Now coming back to miss mehbooba. Indeed She is our Chief Minister but due to her continous controversial remarks towards valley,I uniformly can recall a saying which means “no women can be a good leader but a men can” so the preference is always a man. But even that man shouldn’t be manuscript of his high authorities usually when they are wrong,he should not exonerate himself, should not be mercenary, he is not supposed to misuse his power gifted by people.
    But in kashmir Both ways its our misconception, and its our lack of knowledge that we keep voting for these “chair lovers”.
    And Miss Mehbooba Mufti seems in no interest to stop this massacre, moreover she seems the ist C.M who makes us to rethink once again wether “she is doing her duty or she is busy in taking some unknown revenge from innocent kashmiris”. And an open message to her for her continuous boasting kindness to us,
    “Mam you have done no favour to us,neither has your father,you have been only dragging us from one hell to another.”
    To conclude Time will pass,massacre will be stopped,peace will be restored, allah will listen to innocet screams, nizami mustafa will b implemented, everything will b normal, but
    ” whosoever has stained our lives till now, wont b contented neither here nor there”. Ameen

    Writer is the student of commerce in ICSC.


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