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Syed Salahudin
Syed Salahudin

Conglomerate of Kashmiri militant outfits, United Jihad Council (UJC), Thursday hailed the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for “effectively presenting” Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir issue at United Nations General Assembly.

As per a statement issued to Kashmir based news agency CNS, Syed Salahuddin, the UJC chief, while addressing a high level meeting said, “the speech delivered by Nawaz Sharif amply indicated that Pakistan has a clear stance that without the resolution of Kashmir issue sustainable peace was not possible in the region.”

“The way Pakistan Prime Minister effectively raised Kashmir issue and talked about Right to Self Determination of the Kashmiris boosted the morale of people of occupied Kashmir and after a long time they felt Pakistan is not only the party to Kashmir dispute but their advocate and well-wisher as well,” he said.

“The speech of Prime Minister was all encompassing and he effectively raised the Kashmir issue and presented solid proposals for promoting global and regional peace and also exposed the brutalities inflicted by India upon people of Kashmir,” he added.

Syed Salahuddin also lauded the role of Turkey and China for “backing” Pakistan on Kashmir issue. However, he expressed anguish over the silence maintained by UN chief over Kashmir issue saying that “people here in Kashmir have lost faith” in United Nations.

“On the pretext of Uri attack the warmongers in India are mulling to attack Pakistan. If it happens, it will have serious ramifications for India. People across Kashmir backs and supports Pakistan,” he said and appealed all the opposition and religious parties of Pakistan to forget their differences and get united for sake of ‘Kashmir freedom struggle’.

Syed Salahuddin said, “Kashmir as a nation has been suffering immensely at the hands of India from past 70 years and particularly since July 8.”

“World community should intervene and help people of Kashmir to get rid from the thraldom of India,” he said.


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