Declining sex ratio a social problem: IG Kashmir

KL Report


In order to check the spread of female feoticide in the State, Police along with Health authorities sealed 65 Ultra Sonagraphy Clinics filed five cases and arrested five persons for violation under pre-conception and pre-natal diagnostic techniques act 1994.

This was stated by, Inspector General of Police  (IGP) AG Mir at a national seminar on declining sex ratio in J&K, in Kashmir university on Sunday.

The IGP, who chaired the post lunch session of the seminar said 669 inspection of the ultrasound clinics were conducted to check the pre natal diagnosis of sex, and female feoticide.

He said that such enforcement, coupled with other measures have helped in improving the sex ratio of girl child to  908 in Jammu and 967 in Kashmir per 1000 boys in 2013.

He said that the countries like Norway , Finland and states like Kerala has shown that nation states with high sex ratio favoring girls are known to be less corrupt prosperous, with lesser crime rates and better human development Index rankings. AG Mir said that declined sex ratio is a social problem and asks for a social remedy  and change in mindset.

“Good policing, sealing of illegal ultra stenography machines raiding of abortion clinics and arrest of medical practitioners involved in the heinous crime of determination of sex are part of the solution,” IGP added.

Throwing light on a slew of measures under taken by the government, Mir said that, it has been made mandatory to include mothers’ name  in all school records, daughters’ names in revenue  records, giving share in land holding to daughters under Sharia Act 2007 and sanctioning houses in the name of female members of households. He further stated reservation for women in pahchayats, enforcing dowry prohibition are helping in improving the sex ratio. He suggested that in-building a software in USG machines will help to track every USG conducted and thereby keep a check on pre-natal diagnosis of sex. This will also help in improving the sex ratio.


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