Delhi will pay price for killing Kashmiris under AFSPA: Soz


Senior Congress leader Prof Saifuddin Soz on Tuesday called Kulgam civilian killings as ‘heart-rending’, saying despite condemnation from India’s civil society Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) has remained in the ‘statue-book’.

“I express my deepest condemnation of the attack by forces on the innocent people of Kulgam, culminating in a large number of deaths on October 21,” Soz said in his statement issued today.

He said: “AFSPA act was one single ‘black-law’ that had ‘deepened the anger in the hearts and minds of Kashmiris and there will be a day when New Delhi will pay a heavy price for killing people of Kashmir under this most draconian law that is used for curbing violence, forgetting that it has always generated more violence on the ground,” Soz said.

Quoting former Home Minister P Chidambaram, Soz said the minister had warned the system that this “black law” was generating anger and deepening the alienation of Kashmiris, by the day.

He appealed to the visiting home minister Rajnath Singh to ponder over the fact that if AFSPA is there, “where does the other law, the so-called SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) stand.”

“I wish he should have known what a prominent German philosopher Wilhelm Joseph Schelling had emphasized by saying, ‘The more people feel there is an injustice, the more it becomes part of their psyche,” he said.

“The writing is there on the wall! What if Kashmiris will die today; India is going to pay a high price, tomorrow, for using this most Draconian Law,” Soz in a statement said.



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