Rasheed terms withdrawal of Bhagwat Geeta, Ramayan circular, a confession of guilt


Reacting to a recent government decision of procuring Bhagwat Geeta, and Ramayan in schools and colleges MLA Langate Er Rasheed has said that the withdrawal is a confession of guilt and has exposed the proxies of “Sang Parivar and their nefarious designs”.

In a statement issued today, Rasheed said that circular issued by the education department was itself self explanatory and one could realize the designs behind the government order asking educational institutions to purchase and keep available  Bhagwat Geetaa and Ramayana in sufficient numbers in all educational institutions. No one is against giving students moral and religious education but choosing a particular religion is ample proof that the order is itself a step towards patronizing the education in a Muslim dominated state.

If the central government believes in spreading messages of various religions then it should have asked all states to make available holy Quran and other religious books to students but by being selective and asking J&K government through its proxies to make available Bhagwat Geeta and Ramayana, Sang Parivar stands badly exposed. However, by withdrawing the order within 24 hours state government has confessed the guilt and it is imperative for the government to explain why it needed to issue a communally designed order and then had to withdraw it after realizing that said order has not gone well within the majority community”.

Rasheed appealed Governor S.P Malik not to cross the red line and not to become a tool to fulfill the communal and anti-Muslim agenda of Sang Parivar and said that all such conspiracies aimed at changing the Muslim dominated charter of the state will be resisted at all costs.


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