Deliver on Promises or Break the Alliance: NC tells PDP



National Conference on Friday demanded PDP either “break its opportunistic, unholy alliance” with the BJP or start delivering on its political and economic promises that were made both ahead of the elections and also in the PDP-BJP ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ after “wasting ten precious months” in perpetuating one theatrical performance after another.
NC Chief Spokesperson said, “there was absolutely no reason for people to trust PDP again after it took two months in finalizing a Common Minimum Program with the BJP and spent the next ten months declaring how well this alliance was delivering.”

“All of a sudden after Mufti Sahib’s demise PDP leaders want people to believe they have discovered their suppressed collective conscience by openly admitting they have been lying for the past ten months and want to start lying from scratch yet again. Almost every single PDP leader, including Mehbooba Mufti praised the PDP-BJP Alliance countless times in the past ten months. Mufti Sahib himself kept reposing faith in PDP’s alliance with the BJP till his last breath. If Mufti Sahab was in fact humiliated by the BJP, as Mehbooba Mufti is now indicating through her posturing, what prevented him from speaking up and breaking his pact with the BJP? Why didn’t Mehbooba Mufti speak up? What happened to her duties and love as a daughter for the past ten months?,” the NC Chief Spokesperson asked.

“PDP swallowed all insults and humiliation for the past ten months for the sole dream of remaining in power at any cost. Not only did PDP willingly subject itself to humiliation but it also compromised on the honour and dignity of the State and its people to remain in power. The fact that PDP can stoop to any depth to attain political power is an established fact now and no amount of theatrical melodrama from Mehbooba Mufti can hide this truth,” the NC statement said.

“Did it take PDP and Mehbooba Mufti ten months to realize that all political promises made with great fanfare and aplomb in the ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ stand at the bottom of a trash can? What was PDP’s compulsion to remain apologetic for ten months despite a public discrediting of the ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ by the BJP? This new-found belated morality is a facade and a desperate attempt by PDP and Mehbooba Mufti to fool the people into believing that PDP is actually motivated by some sort of an ideological conviction when in reality their only guiding light is power,: the NC Chief Spokesperson added in the statement.

“If PDP is truly not hungry for power at the cost of its own dignity and much more importantly that of the State, they should break their opportunistic alliance with the BJP and give the people a chance to decide their fate in fresh elections rather than asking the Prime Minister for a face saver. While PDP is busy enacting a drama of a ‘review’ in the media about its newfound conscience, they are unrelenting in seeking a face saver from the Prime Minister to market as some sort of a triumph that would enable them to continue with their alliance with the BJP. PDP has two very clear options – they either break their alliance with the BJP or they start delivering on the promises they had made in the ‘Agenda of the Alliance’. Everything else constitutes delusional exercises of futility,” the statement added.


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