Dental college student protest continues in Srinagar

by Naveed Wani


Scores of postgraduate orthodontic students at Government Dental College Srinagar on Monday staged a protest here in Press colony Srinagar against the institute’s principal who has been accused of harassing students, forcing them to do his personal works.

Dental college Students burnt their dress to lodge the strong protest at Press colony Srinagar.

They alleged that the Hod is physically and mentally torturing the students.

Carrying placards that read, among others, “We are hopeful for the Justice”“we want to feel safe is that asking for too much” and “When Injustice becomes Law, rebellion becomes duty”, the students shouted slogans demanding the attention of the government towards the “mismanagement” and “abuse of power” in the college.

“we are facing unnecessary problems every day only because of the HOD if our demands were not filled we will go for the hunger strike,” they said.

“We stand by their demand of removal of Dr Mohammad Mushtaq as the Head of the Department and formation of a student union on the same pattern as in other professional colleges,” said a protestor.

Further, the students blamed the institution for not making a sound student union to channelize their demands.

Students also burnt their dress to lodge the strong protest against the highhandedness which they termed a ploy to destroy their careers by the said authority.


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