Design A Rural Development Project and SBI Will Fund You For A Year

SRINAGAR: Individuals interested in working in rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir can have paid year-long work if they apply for a fellowship in partnership with an NGO. State Bank of India is offering the opportunity.
Over the years in the Panzath village, it has emerged sort of a festival. Residents said the tradition started by their ancestors has helped them keep the water body in order, clean and healthy. Image: Aaquib Gull

SBI Youth for India offers a diverse variety of projects in 12 broad thematic programme areas, which cover the entire gamut of rural development projects. It gives the opportunity to volunteer on challenging grass root development projects. The area of activity they will have to choose and the project will have to be designed by them.

Applicants must be of the age 21-32 and completed a bachelor’s Degree before the commencement of the programme. It covers living transport and medical insurance cost of a stay in rural India including Rs 15000- stipend per month, local transport allowance of Rs 1000/- per month, and readjustment allowance of Rs 50,000/- upon successful completion of the fellowship programme. The preliminary application is open now and the estimated deadline falls on May 2, 2023. It requires 13 month long fill time commitment.
The approval will come after a series of interviews. The first step to applying is a preliminary application form which gives details about the applicant. It is followed by an online assessment, which involves in-depth essay questions. Those who qualify for the second round are invited for Personality Assessment and Interview to know the attitudinal aspects of potential candidates. After its successful completion, candidates are invited for a final interview where candidates interact with the selection board.
The fellowship is initiated and managed by the State Bank of India in partnership with reputed NGOs.
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