‘Detaining Separatists at New Delhi Unprecedented’



This could be an unprecedented development in the history of Indian state treating Kashmiri separatists. But the way New Delhi is stopping Kashmiri separatists from meeting with the visiting Pakistan National Security Advisor Sartaj Aziz, by detaining two leaders – Shabir Shah and Bilal Lone – soon after they landed at Delhi airport Saturday is certainly happening as per an understanding between Government of India and the Government of Jammu and Kashmir, as per the separatist leaders.

While Hurriyat (m) chairperson Mirwaiz Umar Farooq termed the new trend of arresting separatists in New Delhi as a “fixed match” between GoI and Government of Jammu and Kashmir while Hurriyat (g) made clear that it was happening as per an “understanding” between Mufti Sayeed’s PDP and Modi’s BJP.

“Mufti wants to safeguard his vote bank in Kashmir. So to ensure public opinion does not go against him, he allows separatists to fly to Delhi only to arrest them there, and all this is happening as per an understanding,” said Ayaz Akbar, spokesperson of Hurriyat (g), while talking to KNS.

Mirwaiz while saying that BJP’s “arrogance of power” can’t change the reality of Kashmir said the arrest of separatists at New Delhi before NSA level talks was a “fixed match” between Modi and Mufti. “India does not let even us talk now,” he said.

The meeting between Kashmir separatists and any visiting Pakistan government functionary has a historical precedence. But soon after Narendra Modi took over as Prime Minister of India, the saffron government in Delhi is giving an impression that New Delhi will make Islamabad to follow its dictation on Kashmir. That is why foreign secretary levels talks were called off last year at the eleventh hour after Pakistan High Commissioner has met the separatists. “What is happening this time is the result of same thinking process in New Delhi,” said sources.

But state government has recently made it clear that they were not averse to separatists meeting Pakistan visiting NSA. In a candid talk, government spokesperson and Education Minister Nayeem Akhtar few days before had said: “We have no problem with separatists travelling from one part of the country to the other.” He had also said that talks between the two NSAs should go on.

Meawhile, JKLF chief Muhammad Yasin Malik Saturday said “Kashmiris are principle party to JK dispute”.

Malik while reacting to the statement of Indian foreign minister Sushma Sawraj in which she had said that according to Shimla pact no third party should be involved in India Pakistan talks and that Kashmiris were the third party.

“If Shimla accord mentioned so, it was never about Kashmiris but regarding other nations like USA, UK etc. By applying this to Kashmiris, Sawraj is actually proving herself as ignorant and for from reality,” he said.

Malik said: “If Sushma is saying truth, may we ask her some questions. She was a cabinet minister in Vajpayee Jee’s era and during that period Vajpayee jee came to Kashmir and invited Pakistan and Kashmiris and said that let us stop fighting and resolve our disputes through peaceful means. Was this Vajpayee gesture a violation of Shimla pact? Again it was Vajpaee jee who travelled to Lahore and said that it was his last wish to resolve Kashmir issue peacefully. Will this too fell in the category of violating Shimla agreement? Vajpayee Jee wrote an article and said that we must ignore beaten tracks and find new innovative ideas to resolve Kashmir dispute. Would this too be seen as a violation of Shimla pact? It was again Vajpayee Jee who started composite dialogue with Pakistan and negotiated with resistance camp of Kashmiris. Was this too contrary to the spirit of Shimla agreement?”

Malik added that Sushma Sawraj by this “ridiculous statement” has shown that she lacks information on Kashmir and we reject her statement. He said that Indian leaders should know that Kashmiris are no third party.

“Kashmiris are the real owners of Jammu Kashmir and principle party to the dispute and whenever there will be negotiations about Jammu Kashmir issue, Kashmiris will have every legal, constitutional and moral right to participate in those,” he said.

Malik said that it is a historical fact that no freedom struggle has ever been defeated. “So let India and Pakistan talk or not talk, let anybody say whatever he wants, Kashmiris will continue with their legitimate freedom struggle till the achievement of their freedom,” he said.

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