DGP’s Commendation Medal Announced

SRINAGAR: Director General of Police J&K Dilbag Singh has awarded DGP’s Commendation Medal and Certificate, in favour of 524 Police personnel/SPOs, 11 army personnel, 80 BSF/CRPF/ITBP/CISF/SSB personnel, two civilians and 13 civil government employees for meritorious and exemplary performance rendered by them during 2021.

The DGP J&K in his message has congratulated these awardees and hoped that they will continue to work with the same zeal & zest in future as well.

Those who have been awarded are:- The Police officers & officials who have been awarded with the DGPs commendations Medal and certificate are SSP Ashish Kumar Mishra IPS136010, SSP Sheema Nabi Qasba IPS169367, DySP(M) Nisar Ahmad Masoodi MEG841258, DySP Parvez Ahmed EXJ845445, DySP Jagdev Singh EXJ905447, DySP Nisar Hussain Shah EXJ906052, DySP Ajay Kumar Dubey ARP906022, DySP Harvinder Singh ARP915538, DySP Maroof Ahmad EXJ925507, DySP Abid Hussain Rafiqi EXJ925587, DySP Mohd Amin EXJ925963, DySP Mohd Abdullah EXK931570, DySP Abdul Hamid EXK932013, DySP Riyaz Ahmad ARP932050, DySP Virender Singh EXJ951897, DySP Mohd Aslam EXJ955665, DySP Syed Sajad Hussain JKPS116061, DySP Rashid Younis JKPS116058, DySP Zaheer Abbas JKPS116054, DySP Peer Zahoor Ahmad JKPS116213, DySP Sachin Gupta JKPS116065, DySP Lov Karan JKPS125799, DySP Shaid Nahiem JKPS125686, DySP Raies Ahmad Mir JKPS125763, DySP Nikhil Gogna JKPS125752, DySP Mohsina Sebtain JKPS125743, DySP Parul Bhardwaj JKPS126352, DySP Afrat Hussain JKPS125811, DySP Preeti Verma JKPS125792, DySP Saqib Ghani JKPS155784, DySP Aakash Kohli JKPS155781, DySP Priyanka Kumari JKPS165606, Inspr.(M) Zahoor MEG822479, Inspr.(M) Manjeet Singh MEG915502, Inspr. Mohammad Akbar EXK952603, Inspr. Sureen Jeet Singh EXK956276, Inspr. Kewal Kishore EXJ956156, Inspr(C) Sanjay Koul EXJ987311, Inspr. Vishal Shoor ARP985505, Inspr.(S) Vimla Raina MES987389, Inspr. Rakesh Jamwal ARP984688, Inspr. Bahar Ahmad ARP981680, Inspr. Lalit Kumar EXJ985673, Inspr.(S) Puran Kumar MES986512, Inspr.(Tel) Abid Hussain TEL984188, Inspr. Samson Bhatti EXJ003729, Inspr. Vinod Kumar EXK003650, Inspr. Arshad Hussain EXK001890, Inspr. Rajpal Singh EXJ006645, Inspr. Gurmeet Singh EXJ005598, Inspr. Shrikant Parihar EXJ006669, Inspr. Arshad Ahmad EXK003651, Inspr.(S) Soni Kaul MES006631, Inspr. Ghan Sham Singh EXJ007326, Inspr. Vikram Singh EXJ017369, Inspr. Rakesh Kumar EXJ017274, Inspr. Suhail Ahmad EXK013450, Inspr. Rameshwar Singh ARP016387, Inspr. Mushtaq Ahmed EXK017381, Inspr. Sumesh Padha ARP022603, W/Inspr. Neena Chib ARP026113, Inspr. Sunil Kumar ARP026227, Inspr. Gurpreet Singh EXJ025945, Inspr. Sam Paul Gill EXJ026068, Inspr. Mohd Afzal Wani EXJ026042, Inspr. Parvez Ahmed  EXJ025947, Inspr. Vinod Kumar ARP026229, Inspr. Vikas Kant Parihar EXJ045837, Inspr. Vijay Kumar EXJ046185, Inspr. Gourav Sharma ARP046139, Inspr. Anil Padha ARP046135, Inspr. Kiran Kumar EXJ055609, Inspr. Rajesh Kumar Thappa EXJ055661, Inspr. Arifa Jan ARP065603, Inspr. Altaf Hussain EXJ085750, Inspr. Gulzar Ahmad ARP097790, Inspr. Meenu Sharma EXJ109464, Inspr. Ajay Kumar Engotra EXJ109505, Inspr. Ab. Rehman, EXK109393, Inspr. Vilayat  Hussain Sofi ARP109247, Inspr.(T) Abdul Aleem TEL109180, Inspr.(T) Gurpreet Singh TEL109179, Inspr. Mehraj Ahmad EXK109233, Inspr. Liyaqat Ali EXK109375, Inspr. Rakesh Sharma EXJ109448, Inspr. Ankuj Kumar EXJ109589, Inspr. Vikram Singh Choudhary TEL109326, Inspr. Farooq Ahmad Parray AUX109334, Inspr. Adil Bashir EXK109461, Inspr.(Tel) Aadil Shafi Najar TEL109325, Inspr. Mohd Naseer EXJ109588, Inspr. Vikram Manhas EXJ109408, Inspr. Waseem Mehraj EXK109572, Inspr. Karamdeep Singh TEL109293, Inspr. Waheed Shahzad ARP115548, Inspr. Jonesh Kumar EXJ118729, Inspr. Rishi Kumar ARP115577, Inspr. Suman Singh EXJ115663, Inspr. Vikas Sharma EXJ119705, SI Gulzar Ahmad EXK821957, SI Tilak Singh EXJ825573, SI(Tel) Ghulam Jeelani TEL822159, SI Surinder Pal Singh EXJ825971, SI Shamus-ud-din Khan EXK831269, SI Ishtaq Ahmad EXJ875757, SI(M) Manzoor Hussain MEG875453, SI(M) Bashir Ahmed Kumar MEG891238, SI Punoo Hussain EXK915594, SI(M) Manzoor Ahmad Bhat MIN911287, SI(M) Doosh Ahmad MEG932101, SI(M) Abdul Rehman MEG932051, SI(M)Vijay Kumar MEG945492, SI(M) Susheel Sharma MEG952779, SI(M) Angad Kumar MEG951242, SI(M) Pawan Singh MEG966461, SI Irshad Ahmad Kutay EXK972130, SI(M) John Mohammad MEG982930, SI(M) Romi Raina MEG006966, SI(M)Tariq Ahmad MEG045786, SI Chandan Singh ARP055907, SI Irshad Ahmad ARP115643, SI Mohd Altaf ARP116192, SI Abrar Khan ARP109332, SI Rakesh Singh ARP109343, SI Kuldeep Raj ARP109253, SI Perminder Singh ARP109531, SI Ashfaq Ahmed ARP109244, SI Rakesh Kumar ARP109266, SI Ravinder Singh ARP109286, SI Anchal Rana EXJ109388, SI Kuldeep Kumar ARP115637, ASI Gurdass Bhagat  ARP831923, ASI Mohd Sadiq ARP831877, ASI Dev Raj ARP841537, ASI Mohd Ashraf Khan ARP841454, ASI(T) Mohd Yousuf Mir TEL842080, ASI Super Dil EXJ875694, ASI  Mohd Rafiq EXK871291, ASI Vijay Kumar EXK876316, ASI  Jagdish Kumar ARP875498, ASI Mohd Amin ARP872943, ASI Mushtaq Ahmad EXE871639, ASI Gh. Mohammad EXK873084, ASI Jasbir Singh EXJ876419, ASI Varinder Kumar EXK885930, ASI Mohd Shafi EXK891698, ASI Amarjeet Singh EXK895689, ASI Mohammad Yousuf EXK891788, ASI  Vijay Kumar EXJ905507, ASI Mohan Singh EXJ905669, ASI Sonaullah Lone EXK911633, ASI Ashok Kumar EXK915547, ASI Bashir Ahmad EXK922003, ASI Bashir Ahmad EXK922277, ASI Ab. Gani EXK926059, ASI Javid Ahmad EXK922178, ASI Zakir Hussain EXJ922365, ASI Rajinder Singh EXJ925937, ASI Rajesh Kumar EXJ935929, ASI Chaker Pani EXJ935585, ASI Ganesh Paul EXJ945687, W/ASI Shashi Sharma EXJ945527, ASI Nazakat Ali EXJ956135, ASI Khurshid Ahmed EXJ952544, ASI Rikhi Chander Singh EXJ955916, ASI Paray Lal, ARP955593, ASI (M) Mohammad Hussain MEG951359, ASI Kishore Singh EXJ965990, ASI Syed Amjad Hussain EXK961572, ASI(M) Sardar Singh MEG971742, ASI Rakesh Kumar ARP036223, ASI Ab. Hamid EXK971533, ASI Mohd Shafi EXK984021, ASI (Tel) Veer Ji Ganjoo TEL987054, ASI Rayees Ahmad MEG984701, ASI(M) Manzoor Ahmad MEG983270, ASI Ajay Raina TEL987258, ASI(M)  Mohd Iqbal MEG996323, ASI(M) Rakesh Kumar MEG006696, ASI Nasir Ahmad Mir EXK992115, ASI(S) Peerzada Issar Ahmad MES012773, ASI(M) Nisar Ahmad Bakshi MEG012063, ASI(M) Raj Kumar MEG016938, ASI Amit Raina EXK022280, ASI(M) Ajay Kumar Raina MEG022215, ASI Dawood Ahmad ARP035915, ASI(M) Ishfaq Hussain Shah MEG035778, ASI(S) Ashwani Kumar MES096406, ASI Arfat Ahmad EXK108383, ASI (S) Nasir Nazir MES118958, ASI Youdhvir Singh ARP066150, HC Ab. Aziz EXK835841, HC Ghulam Qadir TEL842110, HC Dwarika Nath ARP875925, HC Chagger Singh ARP875854, HC Mohammad Aslam ARP875450, HC Manzoor Ahmad ARP871606, W/HC Asha Kumari ARP875895, W/HC Kiran Devi ARP885520, HC Mohi-ud-Din ARP885528, HC Ravi Kumar ARP881540, HC Asif Azaz ARP891422, IR 4th, HC Rashpal Lal ARP891724, HC Nazir Ahmad ARP901301, HC Mushtaq Ahmad ARP921478, IR 16th, HC Bopinder Kumar ARP925648, HC Amit Kumar ARP931836, HC Om Dutt ARP931939, HC Hamidullah ARP931452, HC Abdul Rashid ARP931814, HC Mohan Lal ARP931450, HC Inder Singh ARP932109, HC Gulzar Ahmad EXK941466, HC Farooq Murtaza ARP955984, HC Naseer Ahmad ARP955981, HC Suneel Kumar ARP955827, HC Rajinder Singh ARP956096, HC Ravail Singh ARP952232, HC Rajesh Sharma ARP951518, HC Samdarshi Kumar ARP952624, HC Raman Kumar EXJ956565, HC Bashir Ahmad Mir EXK922073, HC Tanveer Ahmad Khan EXK941530, HC Ravinder Tikoo EXK966410, HC Kamal Ji Raina EXK966441, HC Talib Hussain EXJ966258, HC Ajit Singh EXJ962488, HC Javid Ahmad Wani ARP975934, HC Suresh Kumar ARP975723, HC Narinder Singh EXJ976906, HC Mohd Iqbal EXJ977328, HC Mirza Afaq Ahmad Beigh EXK972368, HC Subash Chander EXJ977706, HC Zakir Hussain EXJ979063, HC Ajaz Hussain EXJ977583, L/HC Tara Devi EXJ976538, L/HC Rubeena Bano EXJ977553, HC Bashir Ahmad ARP972710, HC Himmat Raj EXJ977334, HC Mushtaq Ahmad EXK962173, HC Showkat Ahmad EXK972558, HC Parvaiz Ahmad ARP973410, HC Raj Kumar ARP973834, HC Abdul Rashid Wani EXK972530, HC Mohd Iqbal EXJ977328, HC Chaman Lal ARP971751, HC Rajeshwar Singh EXJ975494, HC Pawan Kumar ARP971646, HC Balbir Singh EXJ976624, HC (M) Gulzar Ahmad MEG972072, HC Mohd Rafiq ARP973123, HC Garesh Kumar ARP986164, HC Amarjeet Singh EXK982127, HC(M) Preetam Lal MEG986916, HC Naseem Ahmed EXJ987584, HC(M) Sameer Rasool MEG982528, HC Abdul Qayoom Kuchey EXK987474, HC Reyaz Ahmad EXK984053, HC Aijaz Ahmad EXK982181, HC Nazir Ahmad Khan EXK981504, HC Mohd Abass EXK982770, HC Mukhtar Ahmad Wani EXK984431, HC Janak Raj ARP993336, HC(Tel) Tanveer Ahmad TEL993601, HC(M) Maheshwar Sharma MEG995986, HC Shabir Ahmad Bhat EXK981838, HC Sheeraz Ahmad EXK984216, HC Fayaz Ahmad EXK984234, HC Shind Paul ARP992199, HC Fayaz Ahmad ARP991522, HC Satish Kumar ARP997301, HC(Tel) Gurvinder Singh TEL993736, HC(M) Anoop Pandita MEG007147,  HC Fayaz Ahmad ARP003303, HC(Tel) Sanjay Kumar TEL006254, HC(Opr) Subash Chander TEL006914, HC(Tel) Sudhir Koul TEL006968, HC(M) Mushtaq Ahmad MEG011514, HC(M) Gh Mohi-ud-Din MEG011553, HC (T) Mushtaq Ahmad TEL013265, HC Gh Mohmad Malik EXK012257, HC(M) Rakesh Kumar MEG011614, HC Raj Hussain EXE012431, HC(M) Satish Kumar MEG011266, HC Mushtaq Ahmed Khan TEL017116, HC Showkat Ali EXE012319, HC Mohd Hussain Mir EXK055911, HC Rajinder Kumar ARP086065, HC Arshid Ahmad EXK125587, HC(M) Vijay Kumar MEG022210, HC Mohammad Akhter ARP035640, HC (M) Rafiq Ahmad MEG035662, HC Ajit Malla ARP086055, HC Mashooq Ahmad ARP096313, HC Ab Majeed Bhat EXK097810, HC Farooq Ahmad EXK098240, HC(M) Sameet Kumar MEG097913, Sgct. Sohan Lal EXJ986837, Sgct. Chain Singh EXJ996463, Sgct. Kuldeep Kumar EXK997533, Sgct. Javaid Ahmad EXK993566, Sgct. Madan Singh ARP997035, Sgct. Rajinder Singh ARP992513, Sgct. Susheel Kumar APR992670, Sgct. Sikander Singh ARP992501, Sgct. Manminder Singh EXJ997138, Sgct. Ghulam Nabi ARP996441, Sgct. Gulzar Ahmad ARP992420, Sgct. Farooq Ahmad ARP992125, Sgct. Rinku Raina EXK997640, Sgct. Muhammad Ayoub EXK997763, Sgct. Gharjeet Singh EXJ997008, Sgct. Mohammad Maqbool EXK991282, Sgct. Gurdeep Singh ARP001637, Sgct. Anil Kumar Bhat EXK002342, Sgct. Vikas Khajuria EXJ005795, Sgct. Vijay Kumar EXJ006680, Sgct. Balbir Kumar EXJ006203, Sgct. Vinod Kumar Saproo EXK001332, Sgct.(M) Iqbal Ahmad MEG003192, Sgct. Som Raj ARP003743,Sgct. Ashok Kumar EXJ005931, Sgct. Vijay Kumar Bhat EXK007253, Sgct. Surinder Singh EXJ006527, Sgct. Kuldeep Kumar EXJ016288, Sgct. Suresh Sharma EXJ017181, Sgct. Mastan Singh ARP016133, Sgct. Parshotam Kumar ARP012016, Sgct. Satinder Singh ARP016669, Sgct. Aijaz Ahmad EXK021564, Sgct(Opr) Sanjeev Singh TEL012937, Sgct. Khurshid Ahmad ARP011812, Sgct. Arjun Kumar ARP012757, Sgct. Sajad Ahmad ARP015491,Sgct. Mohd Muzzaffar Parray EXK012524, Sgct. Parshotam Singh EXJ017037, Sgct. Gh. Rasool EXK012502, Sgct. Joginder Singh EXE012333, Sgct. Jatinder Singh ARP015738, Sgct. Rangeel Singh ARP011544, Sgct. Prince Kaleem ARP011579, Sgct. Saraj-Ud-Din ARP011448, Sgct. Sunil Kumar Koul EXK017401, Sgct. Om Raj ARP017011, Sgct. Vijay Kumar EXE022114, Sgct. Basharat Ahmad EXK022129, Sgct. Bilal Ahmad EXK021430, Sgct. Firdous Ahmad EXK022617, Sgct. Madan Lal EXJ026067,  Sgct. Jatinder Singh EXK021622, Sgct. (M) Raman Sharma MEG036104, Sgct. Balwant Singh ARP031397, Sgct. Manzoor Hussain ARP036013, Sgct. Mushtaq Ahmed ARP036672, Sgct. Nawaz Ahmed ARP036176, Sgct.(M) Altaf Hussain MEG036329, Sgct. Parveen Kumar ARP035796, Sgct. Ravi Kumar ARP036110, Sgct. Ruyaz Ahmad ARP045650, Sgct. Kulwant Singh ARP045909, Sgct. Deepak Sudan EXJ055758, Sgct. Shamim Ahmad EXK055645, Sgct. Riyaz Ahmad ARP066586, Sgct. Mukesh Kumar ARP065847, Sgct. Ashok Kumar ARP066489, Sgct. Narayan Dutt EXJ065883, Sgct. Ashraf Hussain ARP065639, Sgct. Gulzar Ahmad ARP078063, Sgct. Muzaffar Ahmad ARP078060, Sgct. Syed Arif Ahmad ARP076637,Sgct. Irshad Ahmad ARP076045, Sgct. Mushtaq Ahmad ARP077183, Sgct(M) Farooz Ali Dar MEG077548, Sgct. Rajesh Kumar EXJ075485, Sgct. Ishtiaq Ahmad ARP076551, Sgct. Firdous Ahmad ARP077863, Sgct. Rakesh Kumar ARP076763, Sgct. Mudasir Ahmad ARP077480, Sgct. Rakesh Kumar ARP078218, Sgct. Kapil Dev EXJ075632, Sgct. Mir Abass Abdullah EXK078904, Sgct. Mudasir Ahmad Bhat EXK077088, Sgct. Javid Ahmad EXK075977, Sgct. Javid Ahmad Sheikh ARP076144, Sgct. Amir Yousuf ARP075958, Sgct. Bilal Ahmad ARP076378, Sgct. Ranber Singh ARP078530, Sgct Kuldeep Kumar EXJ085611, Sgct. Chander Mohan Gupta EXJ085900, Sgct. Dinesh Lalotra EXJ085933, Sgct. Tariq Ahmad, ARP095539, Sgct. Raman Kumar ARP108135, Sgct. Ayjaz Ahmad EXK097999, Sgct. Ab. Qayoom EXK098170, Sgct. Zaheer Abass ARP095309, Sgct. Deepak Kumar ARP096829, Sgct. Sahil Sharma ARP096387, Sgct. Ajay Kumar ARP099250, Sgct. Raja Mohd Yasin Bhat EXJ095445, Sgct. Mukesh Kumar ARP095318, Sgct. Mir Umer ARP094771, Sgct. Aijaz Ahmad ARP098955, Sgct. Mohd Yaseen ARP099996, Sgct. Zahid Manzoor ARP095393, Sgct. Tirth Raj ARP095652, Sgct. Aijaz Ahmad ARP099821, Sgct. Jahangir Majeed ARP096292, Sgct. Harjeet Singh ARP097170, Sgct. Satinder Kumar ARP096491, Sgct. Ravi Kumar ARP095945,  Sgct. Fairooz Ahmad Shah TEL107094, Sgct. Saif-ul-din Yatoo ARP107744, Sgct. Sunil Kumar ARP108267, Sgct. Khurshid Hussain EXJ107399, Sgct. Irshad Ahmad ARP106573, Sgct.(Opr) Anayat Ali TEL107678, Sgct. Rajeev Sharma ARP108629, Sgct. Parvez Ahmad ARP108155, Sgct. Kashinder Kumar ARP108996, Sgct. Gurdeep Singh ARP108623, Sgct. Muneer Ahmad Khan EXK109195, Sgct. Abdul Wahid EXK108149, Ct. Kuldeep Kumar ARP107689, Sgct. Surinder Sharma EXJ116946, Sgct.(M) Ajaz Ahmad MEG118933, Sgct. Suneek Singh EXJ117681, Sgct.(M) Nawaz Ahmad MEG119038, Sgct. Shabir Ahmed EXJ117921,Sgct. Neeraj Gandhi EXJ119130, Sgct. Muzamil Mehraj EXJ116150, Sgct. Shafeeq Ahmed EXJ119321,Sgct. Mohd Tahseen EXJ119346, Sgct. Jatinder Kumar EXJ116101, Sgct. Pardeep Kumar EXJ116085, Sgct. Shahnawaz Ahmad EXJ116948, Sgct. Sajan Parihar EXJ116087, Sgct. Abdul Rahoof EXJ119474, Sgct(M) Sahil Khajuria MEG118161, Sgct. Sandeep Kumar EXJ118250, Sgct. Sunny Pal Singh EXK127137, Sgct. Danish Ellahi EXK126695, Ct. Ghulam Fareed EXJ065738, Ct. Bikram Singh ARP105834, Ct. Vinod Kumar ARP106408,    Ct. Sandeep Kumar ARP109012, Ct. Mohd Azam EXK112253, Ct. Javaid Ahmad EXK119647, Ct. Murfat Ahmad Baba EXK116641, Ct. Jatinder Pal Singh EXK116183, Ct. Vishal Bandral, EXJ117649, Ct. Ram Pal EXJ118608, Ct. Sohail Khan EXK119174, Ct. Manish Kumar EXJ118183, Ct. Ajay Kumar EXJ111767, Ct. Narinder Sukha EXJ118469, Ct. Muneeb Ahmad Khan EXK111789, Ct. Javeed Ahmad EXK118441, Ct. Arshid Ayoub EXK112100, Ct. Aamir Nazir EXK126461, Ct. Arjun Suri EXK111844, Ct. Amit Sharma EXE122922, Ct. Ravi Singh EXE122920, Ct. Mohammad Sadiq EXE122924, Ct. Sameer Ahmed EXJ126707, Ct. Hukam Chand EXJ127452, Ct. Suresh Sharma EXJ126864, L/Ct. Naseem Akhter EXJ126876, Ct. Pratik Chib EXJ125582, Ct. Naresh Kumar ARP126452, Ct. Surjeet Singh EXJ126603, Ct. Umer Nabi EXK127521, Ct. Reyaz Ahmad ARP135729, Ct. Abid Qayoom Bhat EXK135638, Ct. Parvez Ahmad EXK135937, Ct. Rakesh Kumar Sharma EXJ156386, Ct. Sheeraz Ahmad EXK156036, Ct. Ranish Kumar EXJ166391, Ct. Harshvardhan Singh EXJ167847, Ct. Minam-ul-Haq EXK166115, Ct. Bhat Mohammad Inam-Ul-Haq EXK166113, Ct. Manzoor-ul-Islam Malik EXK165543, Ct. Joginder Koul ARP166958, Foll. Suram Chand ARP872632, Foll. Yog Raj APR952264, Foll. Balbir Lal ARP952349, Foll. Amit Kumar ARP955847, Foll. Noor Mohammad EXK962214, Foll. Liyakat Ali ARP986152, Foll. Yogesh Verma ARP997581, Foll. Darshan Lal ARP997604, Foll. Rajinder Kumar EXJ997699, Foll. Sewa Singh ARP016728, AP 6th, Foll. Krishan Singh EXJ016335, Foll. Balwan Singh EXK013056, Foll. Kiran Kumar EXJ025712, Foll. Shaheen Ahmed EXJ036925, Foll. Mohinder Kumar EXJ045484, Foll. Mohd Mehmood EXK065630, Foll. Riyaz Ahmad EXK065523, Foll. Virendar Singh EXJ075719, Foll. Tarsem Lal EXJ075836, Foll. Pardeep Kumar EXJ075458, Foll. Sanjay Sharma ARP095267, Foll. Ravinder Kumar ARP155983.

SPOs who have been awarded are SPO Mohd Hussain 66/SPOK, SPO Mehar Singh 1185/J, SPO Darshan Kumar 31/S, SPO Preet Pal 898/J, SPO Sadu Ram 06/SPO, SPO Mohd Aslam 219/SPO, SPO Mohd Ashraf 485/SPO, SPO Sohan Kumar 809/SPO, SPO Gardhari Lal 823/SPOJ, SPO Raj Kumar 03/SPO, SPO Tinku Sharma 305/SPO, SPO Kewal Krishan 224/SPOJ

ARMY personnel wo have been awarded are CO Arun Kumar Singh IC63478M 44 RR, CO Saket Bhardwaj IC63427Y 34  RR, SM, CO Arun Tom Sebastian Sena Medal, Col. IC64526N, 55 RR (Grenadiers), Major Ravi Ranjan 4 PARA, Major Rishav Jamwal IC77891N 14  RR, Lt. Col. Rohit Sethi IC68543L 9 RR Bn. (RAJRIF) Devsar 2 I/C, Major Vikram Balraj Singh 79972M 14th RR, Brig. Harjot Singh IC528844M Commander 14 Sector RR, Brig. Puneet Doval SM Commander 93rd  Inf. Poonch, Col Vishek Walia 71Field Regiment, Rajouri, Col. Arun Sharma 48 RR.

CRPF personnel who have been awarded include Firoz Kujur 4712 Comdt 82 Bn, Vijay Singh Khatana 4999 Comdt 161  Bn, Alok Veer Yadav 4936 Comdt 21 Bn, Hargyan Singh Gurjar 5001 Comdt 73  Bn, Anil Kumar Jha 5518 2IC 29  Bn, Vinod Rawat 5748 2IC 49  Bn, Abhiram Pankaj 6348 2IC 117 Bn, Bhanu Shekhar 10230 AC 161  Bn, Shishir Bhardwaj 0639 AC 43  Bn, Pramod Kumar 11639 AC 161 Bn, Talib Ali 034020501 Insp/GD 82 Bn, Veomesh Shanshual 880963518 Insp/GD 82 Bn, Rakesh Kumar Choudhary 111290078 Insp/GD 21  Bn, Gurcharan Singh 015164192 HC/GD 132 Bn., Rakesh Sharma 4984 Comdt 3 Bn, Megh Raj 4264 Comdt 53 Bn, Yogesh Purohit 4706 Comdt 110 Bn, Harshavardhan 4519 Comdt. 180  Bn, Hemant Kumar IRLA6684 2I/C (Ops) CRPF 90 Bn, Rajiv Kumar 6288 2-I/C 162 Bn, Gambhir Singh Bhandari 8927 AC 14 Bn, Kiran Manoher Kujur 9181 AC 163 Bn, Sujeet Kumar 8596 AC 92 Bn, Praveen Kumar 850872819 Insp/GD 18 Bn, Neeraj Kumar 075263157 SI/GD (Now Inspr) 46 Bn, Ichpal Singh 903052056 ASI/GD 116 Bn, Hiranya Deka 015134783 HC/GD 179  Bn, Chhotan Thakur 4217 CO 29 Bn, Chandan Kumar IRIL9056 AC 183  Bn CRPF Pulwama, Rakesh Singh Joon IRLA4011 CO 25 Bn., Pradeep Kumar Giri Goswami IRLA4721 CO 43 Bn.

BSF personnel who have been awarded are Sudhir Kumar Singh 18736342 DIG/PSO, Indraj Singh 18632026 DIG SHQ SBN, Arvinder Singh 18736427 DIG (Ops) Kmr, M.A.Joyee 18941210 DIG Srinagar, Dr. Karnial Singh 19248691 CMO (SG), Jeetendra Gupta 19667188 CO 49th Bn., Pramendra Kumar 19564074 CO 33rd Bn., Anil Kumar Roy 41427606 Asstt Comdt 48th Bn., Kamlesh Kumar Rolaniya 41941713 Asstt Comdt 48th Bn., Anil Kumar 11838081 Asstt. Comdt. 16th Bn., Vivek Dhiman 41530634 Asstt Comdt 42nd  Bn., Zahoor Ul Hassan 11112631 DyCO 33rd Bn., Naresh Kumar Lohia  19770925 2IC (OPS), D.T.Haokip 19773209 2IC(Opr) Kmr, Devender Singh 6215 2IC(Opr) Kmr, Inspr. Subhash Chandra 033654881 48th  Bn., Inspr/GD Jai Prakash Dusiya 820025164 183rd  Bn., SI N.Venkateswar Rao 861022841 L&O Kashmir, HC Siddiq Ahmad 894020753 L&O Kashmir, HC Suresh Kumar 901818773 L&O Kashmir,

SSB personnel who have been awarded are Rajesh Kumar Kujur 16010696 Asstt.Comdt. 7 Bn., Chain Singh 10050229 Asstt.Comdt. 7 Bn., Rakesh Kumar 10080027 Asstt.Comdt. 7 Bn., Gaina Singh Maratha 10080093 Asstt.Comdt. 7 Bn., Sudesh Kumar 13150986 Asstt. Comdt., Neelkant 16010504 Dy. Comdt. 7 Bn., Moti Lal 10010492 Dy. Comdt., Lal Chand 13080019 Inspr./GD, Suresh Kumar 12110235 ASI/GD, Tarsem Lal 11160283 ASI/GD, Raj Kumar 13110790 HC (Wksp) Driver, Sohan Lal 11270965 HC/GD, Sunil Kumar 11160685 HC/GD 7th Bn. , Harish Paul 12080374 Const. (GD), Nardeep Singh 12080500 Const. (GD), Naseer Ahmed 12080508 Ct. (GD) 7 Bn., Muneer Ahmed 13070968 Ct. (GD) 7 Bn. Parveen Kumar 13130106 Ct. (Driver) 7 Bn.

ITBP personnel who have been awarded are Anchal Sharma 111105469 DIG, Suresh Kumar Yadav 111106564 Comdt., Sunil Kumar 111111058 Dy.Comdt., Anil Kumar 140540023 SI/GD, Rakesh Prasad 070050183 HC/GD.

CISF personnel who have been awarded are Comdt/CASO Amandeep Singh Dhaliwal 083510111, Inspr/Exe Suraj Kumar 032110025, 7th RB Kishtwar L&O, Inspr/Exe Shashi Ranjan 023280164, BCCL Dhanbad L&O, L/SI Palmy Ravneet 140205291, Airport Srinagar, Ct./GD Sham Singh 074360037, 7th RB Kishtwar L&O, Ct./GD Rahul Bhardwaj 083390067, 7th  RB Kishtwar L&O

Civil Government employees who have been awarded are  ADC Ghansham Singh CSTGAD00600069 L&O, Jammu, Dr. Rajesh Koul DEP176015 Police Hospital Jammu, Dr. Mutaharra Haamid Abeedah DEP185689 Consultant Surgery PH Srinagar, Sr.PO Puja Nijhon PRO036832 DPO Jammu, Sr.PO Mansoor Ahmed PRO036830 (AAP) CJM Court Kishtwar, Sr.PO Syed Anwar Ahmad Rizvi PRO106705 Range Traffic Hqrs. Kashmir, Sr.PO Jaasir Ashraf Mir, PRO156518 ZPHQ Kashmir, Sr.PO Ashwani Kumar PRO156537 ACB J&K, Pharmacist Ramesh Kumar Tikoo DEP085441, Skilled Employee Barinder Kumar PTW986737 Police Training Workshop Jammu, Staff Nurse Hafeeza Bano DEP002375 Police Hospital Srinagar, Nursing Orderly Ramesh Kumar MES836088 Police Hospital Jammu, Nursing Orderly Anil Kumar PMS006974 Police Hospital Jammu.

Civilians who have been awarded are Shri Yogesh Sharma State Nodal Officer Reliance Jio, Info Comm Ltd, J&K/Ladakh, and Shri Chetan Patil, Chief Nodal and Security Officer, Airtel,  Jammu.


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