Difference of opinion but no tussle between BJP, PDP: Akhtar

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Naeem Akhtar
Naeem Akhtar

J&K Government Tuesday admitted there could be differences between the two coalition partners in Jammu and Kashmir but there is no ‘tussle’ as such.

PDP senior leader and Education minister Naeem Akhtar termed the issue of AFSPA revocation a prolonged fight, saying the present government would take all parties in confidence for making unanimous efforts in scraping the law.

Commenting over Monday’s series of militant attacks which killed three police personnel and injured two persons, Akhtar said extra security measures have to be taken so that attacks of such nature in future could be avoided.

Talking to KNS outside the Assembly Secretariat in Jammu, je termed the ongoing fight for the revocation of AFSPA as a ‘prolonged’ one, remarking that PDP is committed on its stand that AFSPA must go. “Our government will not follow the suits of Omar Abdullah by declaring that tomorrow the law would be scraped in the assembly. It is an issue and we will resolve it by taking on board all the parties so that a broader consensus could be built,” Akhtar said adding that in a democratic set up such laws are not needed. As AFSPA continues amid democratic set up, the notion goes out that Jammu and Kashmir is being ruled by the armed forces which are not true, says Akhar, adding India is a democratic country and we feel proud in being the citizens of one of its state.

 The senior minister in Mufti’s cabinet, said that there could be difference of opinions but there is not tussle between BJP and PDP as such


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