SRINAGAR: District Magistrate Srinagar, who is also District Election Officer, today issued a number of instructions on plying of vehicles for election related works during Srinagar Parliamentary Constituency bye polls.

According to these instructions, strict action shall be taken against vehicles plying in contravention of provisions of Motor Vehicles Act. Vehicles shall be under close watch for any possible mischief or criminal activities like carrying of illegal arms, illicit liquor and anti social elements.

The DM said that vehicles for campaign purposes shall ply only with prior approval of Returning officers and original permits bearing number of vehicles and name of candidates must be displayed premonitory on wind screen of vehicles.

He said that unregistered campaign vehicle if found being used for campaigning shall be deemed as un-authorized campaigning for the candidate. Besides, upto three vehicles are allowed to come within periphery of 100 meters of RO and ARO office during filling of nominations.

In case of visits by party leaders, permits of vehicles for road journey shall be issued centrally by CEO/RO in different colours. While as convoys of more than three vehicles, excluding security vehicles, shall not be allowed from the date of notification till completion of the election. However, bigger convoys can be broken up keeping a minimum distance of 200 meters.

There shall be no restrictions on number of vehicles in a convoy on the road during the period of election campaign by leaders. Further, according to these instructions bicycle and cycle rickshaw shall also be considered as a vehicle.

The District Magistrate said that these instructions shall remain in force till bye polls for Srinagar Parliamentary seat are over in the district.


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