Doctors on duty ‘beaten up’ again

KL Report


Doctors in Srinagar’s SMHS hospital called for the indefinite strike against the abusive treatment they reportedly received by the attendants at the hospital Tuesday.  The reports received by Kashmir News Service (KNS), mention that during Tuesday morning, the tussle erupted between the Doctors and attendants of one of the patient in the causality block of SMHS hospital. Doctors allege that they have been beaten up and five of their men have been injured and the women residents have been verbally abused.

Dr. Adil, a resident doctor at SMHS hospital while talking to KNS said the doctors were ‘beaten up’ by the attendants of one of the patients when the later refused to go for the required tests. “We asked the patient to have certain tests so that his condition could be ascertained. He refused to do so and the attendants started beating the doctors.”  He further stated that five doctors have been injured during the tussle.

After the incident , the resident doctors have called for the indefinite strike and have demanded that the people involved in abusing the doctors must be brought to book and stern action be taken against them.

“We demand the fool proof security for the resident doctors and assault on Docs be declared the non- bail able offence,” said Dr. Adil, adding, the doctors have also put forth the demands that the pay disparities be removed between the Doctors of SKIMS and SMHS.

“We demand that all our conditions be met on ground and not on the paper alone and only then we will cal, off the strike,” Doctors at SMHS told KNS.

The Medical Superintendent SMHS Dr. Nazir Ahmad Choudhry when contacted said that the demands put forth by the doctors have been conveyed to the government and that speedy action in this matter is expected. He further stated that the senior residents have been asked to look for the patients admitted in the hospital so that the people there would not face any inconvenience during the treatment.


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