SRINAGAR: The administration in Jammu and Kashmir has proposed that non-native women married in Jammu and Kashmir must be made eligible for the Domicile Certificates, a Jammu newspaper reported on Tuesday.

“The UT Government has also decided that Permanent Resident Certificate of a single parent i.e. either father or mother will make their wards eligible for Domicile Certificates in Jammu and Kashmir,” the Daily Excelsior reported. “Orders to this effect are likely to be issued by the Union Territory Government anytime after carrying out two major amendments in the Domicile Law.”

The newspaper said as per the proposed amendments, the female whose native is outside Jammu and Kashmir but she is married to a person, who is a PRC holder and eligible to secure domicile, will also get Domicile Certificates now. “This, according to sources, will address a major concern of many women especially from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, New Delhi etc who were married in Jammu and Kashmir as they will be eligible to secure Domicile Certificate now. Earlier, such a provision was missing in the Domicile Law which had led to resentment among the fair sex married here from other States/Union Territories.”

Offering more information about the proposed amendments, the newspaper said that under another proposed amendment “absence of PRC of the father of applicant will not disqualify the ward to obtain Domicile Certificate, since one of the necessary and sufficient conditions for obtaining Domicile Certificates by children of PRC holders is Permanent Resident Certificate of the parent, which by implication includes father or mother.”

“After discussion with #JammuKashmir LG Sh Manoj Sinha & CS Sh Subrahmanyam, the UT Govt has agreed in principle to amend/modify rules for ease in issue of #DomicileCertificate. Formal orders being issued soon,” Union Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Dr Jitendra Singh, said in a tweet.

“This will particularly facilitate issuing Domicile Certificate to children producing PRC of any of the parents and women from outside married to PRC holder men,” he said in another tweet.

After annulling the Article 35A, the Government of India has so far managed issuance of nearly two million domicile certificates in Jammu and Kashmir.


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