Don’t panic about the present epidemic of flu, it is seasonal: DAK


President Doctors Association Kashmir(DAK) Dr G M Kashmir in a press release issued has said the present increase in the number  of upper respiratory tract infection in children from past two weeks is due to the change in season and parents need not to panic unnecessarily.

A senior doctor of Preventive and Social Medicine (PSM), Government Medical College(GMC),Srinagar said that Kashmir, being climatically different from rest of India and these upper respiratory tract infection are common during this part of the season. He said that we should follow the golden rule during this period i.e., prevention is better than cure. He further added that we should follow the universal precautions like covering the mouth and nose with a handkerchief while coughing or sneezing and avoid visiting crowded places unnecessarily. He also advised the parents that they must keep their children away from those with infectious illnesses while playing with friends in the neighbourhood or at school. He further said that self medication should be avoided and one should maintain a distance of minimum 1 meter from the infected person in order to prevent spread.

DAK appealed the general  public, not to panic as this is due to seasonal variation and will pass off in a couple of weeks.DAK is monitoring the situation and any effect thereoff   will be issuing periodic health advisories for the general public


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