Dr Farooq asks people to vote for secularism not destruction

KL Report


National Conference Party President Dr. Farooq Abdullah addressed an impressive public meeting in Khimber, Srinagar and asked people to uphold the peace and harmony of not just the State but the entire country by voting against communal forces who base their politics on destruction and division.

According to a statement issued to KNS, while speaking on the occasion Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that National Conference was a guardian of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and the party will never allow political miscreants to toy with the destiny and sentiments of the people they allegedly want to represent. Dr. Farooq Abdullah said “When PDP President Mehbooba Mufti was a Member of Parliament and when she was asked to represent the angst of the State she shrugged the responsibility and spoke the famous words of Mei Kya Kahun Yaar”.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah said “Now the same individual wants to enter the Parliament and represent the people of this State. When she chose to stay silent in perhaps the most important Kashmir-centric debate of the Lok Sabha in this decade, how can she make a claim to speak up for the people of this State now?”

Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that there were clear signs of a PDP and BJP nexus now and even PDP leaders had come out of the political closet of destructive machinations by openly praising Narendra Modi and advocating support for the Modi-led BJP. Dr Farooq Abdullah said “National Conference is aware of the evil partnership between PDP and BJP to benefit a figure as polarizing and communal as Narendra Modi and the people of J&K will respond to this epic betrayal by ensuring the success of the NC-Congress Coalition Candidates in the Parliamentary Elections”.

Asking the workers to go door-to-door to make people aware of the hidden BJP and PDP pact to dilute the special status of the State, Dr. Farooq Abdullah expressed utmost confidence in the NC-Congress Coalition emerging victories in the State. Dr. Farooq Abdullah said there were new revelations every day of Modi having reached out to individuals and entities in Jammu and Kashmir. Dr. Abdullah said  “For years Modi used to talk about his friends in Kashmir and nobody had a clue who these clandestine friends of Modi were. Today PDP has without any hindrance and inhibition come out in the open tactical support of Narendra Modi and we now know that it was PDP that Modi had been speaking about all along”.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah asked the people to beware of those communal powers who will try to harm this State through PDP. “It seems that PDP has promised Modi a barter deal of helping in the dilution of Article 370 in return for Modi’s political patronage to Mufti Sayeed”. Every citizen of this State should understand what is going on at the behest of Modi and how has active communication links with people in this State.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah asked the people to vote in large numbers in favor of the NC-Congress Coalition Candidates and pave way for a young and dynamic Rahul Gandhi to take on the reigns of the country and in doing so ensuring that a figure like Modi is kept away from the Prime Ministerial Seat.


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