Dr Farooq expresses concern over steep increase in drug addiction across Kashmir


Jammu and Kashmir National conference president and member of parliament Dr Farooq Abdullah on Thursday expressed deep concern over the increasing drug abuse in Kashmir, saying that the need of the hour called for evolving a well thought out strategy on multiple fronts to deal with the menace.

In his message on an international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking, the party president said, “It is alarming to hear about the scathing increase in the cases of drug abuse in Kashmir. The state government should rise up to the occasion before the trend morphs into a dire epidemic.”

He further added, “The need of the hour calls for effective policing against narcotic smuggling, besides having more drug de-addiction centers in the state. The challenge has to be confronted at multiple levels, and of them all basic awareness at school, college and university level is a must.  The parents and civil society also must put in their efforts to curb the menace. The menace has to be tackled at a societal level.”


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