Dukhtaran pays tributes to Mehdi Akif, says health of Asiya ‘worsening’ in jail


Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Monday paid tributes to the leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Mehdi Akif and said that the deceased was a pillar of Islamic world.

Akif died a few days ago in a prison in Egypt. He spent almost 30 years in different prisons.

In a statement, the secretary general of DeM, Nahida Nasreen said that the death of Akif is a great loss to the Muslim world and his death has left a huge void in.

Meanwhile, the statement said that the family of DeM chairperson, Asiya Andrabi visited the incarcerated leader at the Amphalla Jail in Jammu.

“The health, according to the visiting family members of Aasiyeh Andrabi, has deteriorated. The inmates in jail continuously burn “dhup” which has considerably worsened the health of Baji.”

“Since Aasiyeh sahiba is a chronic asthma patient, the smoke emanating out of the ‘dhupp’ has further deteriorated her health. She vomits blood with mucus.”

Nasreen said that against the female capacity of the jail which is 12, 35 females have been kept in the jail, leading to congestion which has created more problems for Asiya.

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