Dumping Of Solid Waste By Airport Authorities, SMC Takes Strong Note

KL Report


On a specific complaint that the Airport Authorities of India have been dumping solid waste and debris in a deep gorge falling between Indra Gandhi Airport Road  and Police Headquarter at Hunhama, The Chief Sanitation Officer, SMC along with the representatives of State Pollution Control Board conducted a joint  inspection of Humhama area.

During inspection, it has been found that more than 400 metric tons of solid waste has been dumped on the slopes of deep gorge mostly consisting of non-biodegradable material.

The Commissioner, SMC has directed concerned authorities to put on notice Airport Authority of India for mismanagement of solid waste and dumping of solid waste / debris in the open area.

“Such an unlawful act can become attraction for birds which can an lead to  plane accidents. The SMC has taken strong note of this mismanagement and concerned officer of Airport authority of India has been prosecuted in the court of law”, said Dr Qasba.


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