Education Department Throws Transfer Policy Norms To Winds

KL Report


Throwing transfer policy norms set by the government to winds, the School Education Department has allegedly transferred several masters from Kashmir to Jammu division.

The documents in possession of KNS reveal that around half a dozen promoted masters posted in Kashmir division were transferred to Jammu. Interestingly all of the beneficiaries hail from Education Minister’s constituency.

The documents reads “In the interest of administration Government order No 561 dated 8.8 2014 the following four newly promoted Masters posted at Kashmir Division vide order no 831-DESK of 2014 dated 24.06 2014 issued by Director school education Kashmir under endorse no Est. /NG/A/PROM/14/AII/767-68 dated 24.06.2014 shall report to Director School education Jammu for further orders and shall be relieved with immediate effect”.

Sources said that these transfers were made only with the influence of the Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand and such practices were unabated from the last few months in the Department.

A senior official in the Department told KNS that the government can’t transfer district cadre posts to another division as per law. He described it against the established rules and norms. “Once the officials of district cadre or division cadre are transferred to another division, it means they are being transferred along with the posts and it is loss to a division,” he added.

Senior officials of the General Administrative Department describe it as a serious matter and said that such transfers have been strictly prohibited through various government orders.”I fail to understand that how the Department issued such order. Division and the district cadre posts, if being attached to other districts or divisions, should be construed as ‘bad orders’ and could be nullified,” they said adding such orders leave the suffering district or division with less number of posts and less manpower.

Despite repeated attempts the education minister was not available for the comments.

Meanwhile the aggrieved masters demanded the government to revoke all such illegal orders immediately and stop discrimination with others. They also demanded the Government to constitute an enquiry into the matter and punish the guilty.


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