Flood Victims Cry Foul Over Distribution Of Compensation

KL Report


With the claims over the proper relief distribution being made by the state authorities, the victim on ground cry foul with the complaints of inappropriate distribution of compensation in scores of flood ravaged areas of valley continue to pour in.

According to the KNS correspondent, scores of residents from Baghat Kanipora Thursday accused that after their houses got completely damaged due to the ravaging floods of September, the authorities are reluctant in issuing them the proper amount of compensation and that they are being made to saunter from pillar to post in order to settle their files.

The flood victim told KNS that after the government announced interim relief of 75000 rupees to the households whose houses were fully damaged while as it was decided that 12600 will be given to the ones who suffered partial damage.

The victims said that the claims of the government were nullified by the concerned departments themselves which at first were reluctant in disbursing the amount in the favor of victims and later when 75000 rupees were disbursed, 5000 were deducted from the total amount by the officials.

They added that the officials after handing over the relief cheques  of 75000 rupees to the victims, 5000 ,in cash, were taken away from them by the tehsil office.

The residents of the flood torn areas of   Baghat Kanipora Tehsil, Budgam told KNS that scores of the victims received 70000 rupees instead of the fact that the amount was no where announced by the government. “The government announced 75000 rupees and not 70,000. How come five thousand rupees are being deducted sans any reason.”

They castigated the authorities, saying when the reason was asked for the deduction, the reply given was not satisfactory. “They told us that it is the government order but we know that the government announced,” said the victims.

KNS repeatedly tried to contact the concerned authorities for the version but the contact was not established.


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