This devastating flood has been debilitating for almost every sector. Once the waters receded, people starting clearing their houses and businesses from the thick coats of stanching muck that Jhelum had brought in. In many cases, they have succeeded in doing the basics. There are instances in which the people have started re-living in the buildings that flood retained for many days. Even shops are open in certain areas.

 But what about education?

The society is divided in two camps. A section wants the schools should be shut for the next five months and the students should be given mass promotion. Another section wants the education sector leap-frog to normalcy so that the students are in a position to resume the routine.

By the way, if every sector is doing its bit why not education? Can the school management not follow what doctors did in the hospitals and the businessmen in their shops and commercial establishments? If the entire society is keen to rise again and that has become the new motivation for a society facing severe crisis, why can the future generation be excluded? If there is the issue of certifying the safety of the buildings, why not set up a special team to do this on emergency basis. If secretariat can operate from a guest house, why can not a school operate from another building? Why can not the school owners make the alternative arrangement? Schools can operate from tents?

Kindly stop this debate. Let schools revive as soon as possible. Forget the mass promotions. Kashmir can ill-afford it’s below 16 year population losing one year. Horrified by the floods, kids want to move out of their home, resume routine and study. Do not subvert the efforts to rise in adverse situations, please.


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