Efforts apace to bring potential areas of Noorabad constituency on tourism map: Govt

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Minister for Education, Naeem Akhtar replying on behalf of Minister for Tourism Monday informed the House that Directorate of Tourism Kashmir has taken up 5 projects at an estimated cost of Rs 193.50 lakh for tourist infrastructural development in Noorabad constituency in addition to the existing projects launched under capex budget.

He said the Department has created facilities of water supply, sanitation/cleanliness/dumping site at Aharbal. At present 19 projects are underway of which 9 are at the advance stage of completion.

With regard to bringing various tourist spots of the said constituency including Kousarnag, Zagimarg, Pachen Pathery and Pratabpora on the tourist map, the Minister said that Kousarnag is a well known tourist trekking route and Tourism Department is making all efforts to increase influx to this route besides diverting tourist footfall to the other surrounding areas. For this, the Department has published a trekking map and brochures on Aharbal which inter alia all the places of tourist interest have been highlighted. The department is further exploring possibilities to get these areas surveyed through a consultant.

The Minister further informed that as part of pilgrim tourism development plan in the area, the department is providing basic facilities like PCs, Wuzu Khanas, dormitories and illuminations at various shrines/temples. The department has already taken up a number of steps to bring various Ziyarats/temples of district Kulgam on the pilgrim tourism map by executing various developmental works including development of various pilgrimage sites in district Kulgam.

He further said that the department intends to undertake inspection of other important pilgrim places of Noorabad constituency, which will be developed subject to viability from tourism point of view and availability of resources.

Replying on behalf of Minister for Tourism in the House, Akhtar while responding to the main question by Abdul Majid Paddar said that the height of the Aharbal Waterfall has receded with the passage of time and measures have been initiated for its protection.

Meanwhile, the department has upgraded the infrastructure in and around the waterfall by way of constructing Devari stone path leading to waterfall besides wooden/concrete viewing deck over rock near the water fall has been constructed. Further to facilitate tourists, TRCs, Deluxe Huts, cafeteria, shop line, parking area, public convenience, viewing decks, kiosks have been created by the Aharbal Development Authority, the Minister said.


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