Elections being held under shadow of gun: Geelani

KL Report


Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Shah Geelani Tuesday alleged pro-India parties for playing a drama under the garb of elections and while rejecting these elections said “these elections being conducted under the shadow of gun and with might have no legal, constitutional and moral significance”.

“These elections are a blot on the face of democracy and a big joke. It is a futile exercise. Kashmir is a disputed territory and recognized on international forums and these farce elections won’t let India to give a slip or mislead international community,” he said. “We as nation are worst sufferers and since last 67 years are facing retributions, massacres, torture and detentions. On one hand the so called elections are being held and on the other hand our youth, students, political leaders and workers are being detained in police stations and jails. How can they justify these elections?” Geelani asked

“Even state authorities in their statement today admitted that during night raids ,hundreds of youth were detained in poll bound areas,” he added.

Condemning the curbs and other suppressive measures, Geelani said, “It is highly regretted that those young boys that used social media were not spared and detained. India with its might and suppressive measures is hell bent to muzzle the just and genuine demand of people of Jammu and Kashmir.”

“People of Kashmir are perusing their right and it is neither related with development, construction and nor with trade or business.”

Terming constructions and development as lollipops, Geelani said, “Suppressed nation have nothing to do with these and freedom is the foremost objective they strive for.”

Geelani hailed people for observing the complete shutdown on arrival of Narendra Modi and said that people have conveyed that they “rejected Indian hegemony and seek freedom from forced occupation.”

Criticizing India media for its ‘bias and ostrich like approach’, he said, “People from nook and corner of state are up and reacted against these elections but they continue to turn blind eye and they did not make any mention about the resentment and reaction of the people.”

While making special reference about Palhallan and adjacent areas, Geelani said, “They since last 15 days are under siege but media maintained its silence. I hail people for their bravery, commitment and resentment against these elections and said that we are all praise for their affiliation and commitment with freedom movement.”

Geelani while referring to thrashing and harassment of Kashmiri students of Global Research Institute in Haryana, said, “They were thrashed and mercilessly beaten by local goons and added, it is handiwork of agencies and communal forces to inflict terror among Kashmiri students.”

He in his appeal to RCRC, Amnesty International and other organizations for human rights and sought their cognizance about the ‘worst human rights violations’ in Jammu and Kashmir.


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