Elite commando force NSGs website hacked; ‘Free Kashmir’ message posted

KL News Network


The National Security Guard website was hacked Sunday by a group that identified itself as “Alone Injector”, reports said.

An image of police thrashing civilians was also uploaded on to the site’s homepage with the accompanying text calling for “Free Kashmir”.

The group behind the hack could be based out of Pakistan as references were made to the country’s intelligence-gathering agency, ISI, reports said.

Pro-Pakistan slogans were also raised. The website soon went offline once authorities took notice of the hack.

Officials said the hacking attempt was noticed early on Sunday and the URL – www.nsg.gov.in – was blocked soon after by the counter-terror force from its headquarters in New Delhi.

The website belonging to the ‘black cat’ commandos is maintained from the NSG headquarters here and gives out basic information about the force, its origin and operations. The matter has been brought to the notice of the National Informatics Centre (NIC), and “remedial action” is in process.

The elite commando force was raised in 1984 as the federal contingency unit to undertake counter-terror and counter-hijack (rpt) counter-hijack operations.


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