Emissaries row: Geelani’s Hurriyat says Modi’s denial a ‘political compulsion’

KL Report
While terming the denial of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi that he had not send any emissary to Geelani, a ‘political compulsion’, the Hurriyat Conference (G) said that the two Kashmiri Pandits had ‘come to meet’ Geelani on 22 March 2014 at Malviya Nagar Delhi.
In a statement issued to GNS on Wednesday, Hurriyat spokesman Ayaz Akbar said: “Emissaries of Modi spent about 60 minutes with Geelani in which they claimed that they have been sent by BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Mr. Narendra Modi. The two emissaries of Modi also clicked some photographs with Geelani and wished that a representative of Geelani will accompany them so that they can arrange his meeting with Narendra Modi.
“A lot has been said and written on the issue of emissaries and it is becoming insignificant discussion now, so Hurriyat Conference is ending this discussion on a note that, they will neither issue any statement nor will they discuss about it anymore. Let people wait and watch, the truth will come to fore with the time and there will remain no ambiguity,” the spokesman announced.
Akbar said the whole life of the pro-freedom leader Syed Ali Geelani is an ‘open book and no one from his opponents can claim that he have lied ever. “He also names his opponents and critics with respect and he never talks impolitely. Geelani take it against the moral principles to name the persons who met him in New Delhi without their permission, but if they want to disclose their identity then it is not wrong and Narendra Modi has also told them to clear their position,” Akbar said.
While giving details of the ‘meeting of Mr. Narendra Modi’s emissaries and Geelani’, the Hurriyat spokesman said: “besides the detailed discussion on the different aspects of the Kashmir dispute and the personality of Narendra Modi, a Kashmiri prisoner Bashir Ahmad Baba of Rainawari who is from last 5 years in Gujrat jails, was also mentioned in the meeting and the two persons also assured the release of Kashmiri detainee if the representatives of Geelani Sahab will come to meet Narendra Modi.”
Akbar claimed the two Kashmiri Pandits had also visited Geelani Sahab before 22 March on16 march without giving prior information and that time they did not disclose their purpose of coming, however, he claimed: “at that time the Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit had come to ask for health condition of the Geelani Sahab so they (Pandits) were given 22 March date for the meeting,” adding: “When they once again came on 22 March, they disclosed their purpose of visit.”
The spokesman while giving details about the ‘meet’, he said: “Geelani said that we are not against the dialogue process but until India will not accept the hard ground realities of Kashmir issue, till then it is a meaningless exercise and nothing positive will come out of it.”


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