Employee leaders betrayed People: Yasin Malik


Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik on Tuesday said election and power politics has increased our miseries and delayed the resolution of Jammu Kashmir dispute.

“Leadership of government employees and trade unions have played a shameful role from 90’s and betrayed the national cause of Kashmiris,” according to statement Malik made these remarks while taking a dig at “turn-coat” employees’ leaders who have joined Indian electoral politics from time to time and “betrayed the national cause” and interests of Kashmiri people.

JLF chief said, “Delhi has always used election politics and participation in it as a justification to delay the resolution of Kashmir issue thus denied the people of the state their basic right of self-determination.”

“From the 1950s, these very elections and assemblies, parliaments, panchayats, municipal councils and committees produced as a result of this process have strengthened Indian control on Kashmir and passed and implemented black laws like PSA and AFSPA to justify and legalize tyranny and oppression unleashed by Indian state against Kashmiri people,” he said.

Since the 1990s, we have seen almost every leader and leading government employees starting career in the name of employee welfare, supporting people’s cause, working for human rights and so on; but as soon as they get an opportunity, they take no time in switching over their loyalty and “land into Indian lap for the lust of power, money and other materialistic things”, Malik said.

“These turncoats have actually harmed and shamed the exemplary and dedicated trade unionism in Jammu Kashmir which was started by a Pandit trade union leader Sampat Prakash Jee and Abul Majeed Khan from Jammu who till last remained wedded to their mission of employee and social welfare,” JKLF chief said.

“Sampat Prakash worked day in and out for the welfare of employees, spent many years of his life in jails and police stations, was suspended for years but never compromised on his principles and today despite being aged, he never desists from standing for the cause and interests of his fellow Kashmiris, be it the issue of defending Kashmiris in Indian Supreme Court, travelling thousands of miles during Safr-e-Azadi or standing against Indian state move to alter with the state subject law.”

Yasin Malik said that Sampat Prakash was so famous during his days as a trade union leader that if he had intended he could have easily assumed power, not only in Jammu Kashmir but even in Indian parliament and government too but he remained wedded to his principles for which he and his fellow

“Today those Kashmiri turncoats who use Kashmiri freedom movement as a launching pad to grab power and enter power politics should feel some shame,” he said.

Meanwhile, JKLF chairman has expressed heartfelt grief over the demise of Ghulam Hassan Zahid, the brother of columnist Z G Muhammad.

Malik along with a party delegation reached Kanitar Dargah and expressed condolence with the bereaved family. He prayed for heavenly abode of the deceased and forbearance to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss.


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