Traffic Police Srinagar has issued an advisory asking public transporters to ensure that seats reserved for women are actually occupied by the women passengers.

“In case Women passengers are not travelling on the bus, the seats may be occupied by male passengers who shall vacate these seats in case any woman boards the said vehicles en-route at any station,” the advisory reads.

Ladies special bus service was also started (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)

According to the advisory, noncompliance of this condition shall make the permit holder liable for action under MV Act/rules which, apart from fine and penalties may result in suspension /cancellation of route permit.

However, the perception is that many times in past also the department issued advisories, but on the ground, nothing changes.

“There is no harm in issuing advisories, the point is how effectively it is being implemented,” said a government official, Ajaz Ahmad.


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