Entire opposition stages walk out from LA

KL Report


Entire opposition was on its feet on Monday morning in the Legislative Assembly, and there was complete pandemonium over the distribution of ration on the bases of 2001 census.

As the proceedings started in the house opposition PDP members raised the issue of distribution of ration. “It is the failure on part of the government that it is distributing ration on the basis of 2001 census,” they alleged.

Soon Panthers Party and BJP members joined them and there was complete pandemonium in the house.

The protesting members raised slogans against the government like “Jo Sarkar Nikami Hay, Wo Sarkar Badalni Hay” (The incompetent government is to be changed).

The PDP members stated that it is a very serious issue and a matter of common masses but when the government did not respond they walked out of the house as a mark of protest while as Panthers and BJP members followed them.


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