Er Rasheed left out of Governor’s all-party meet: AIP


Awami Ittihad Party (AIP) on Friday claimed that the party’s stand has been vindicated after its chief Er Rasheed was not invited to the all-party meeting called by the Governor N N Vohra in Srinagar.

AIP spokesman Advocate Majid Banday in a statement said that it has not only vindicated AIP’s stand on various serious issues but has also exposed the ill designs of New Delhi.

In a statement issued today, Banday said: “It is known to all including friends and foes of AIP that party Supremo Er Rasheed has under all circumstances never compromised on issues related to political aspirations, human rights, and governance.”

“It is the truthful, consistent and rational stand of Er Rasheed which has very often unnerved people in Delhi and Jammu & Kashmir, as New Delhi has been defending the indefensible, a spokesman said.

“By not inviting AIP to the all-party meet Governor N N Vohra has itself confessed that Er Rasheed is nobody’s mouthpiece and doesn’t believe in taking dictations from anyone when it comes to Kashmir dispute or raising voice against human rights violations,” he said.

The spokesman added that since New Delhi has been talking of using muscular power in Kashmir and has brought even NSG commandos to suppress the voices of Kashmiris, the agenda of the all-party meeting is as such self-explanatory and is aimed at asking its mouthpieces and proxies of mainstream parties not to raise their voice against state terrorism.

However spokesman added that whatsoever AIP has been doing to uphold the human rights, fighting state terrorism or to raise voice for the right to self-determination, it will continue doing so against all odds and doesn’t need permission from anyone to speak for the motherland.

The spokesman further added that the way six more Kashmiris including civilians and the militants were butchered and dozens injured in Srigufwara Islamabad by the security forces speaks about the designs of  Delhi and all well-meaning people should join hands to stop massacres against Kashmiris.


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