Er Rasheed protests against Trehgam killing, detained


Hundreds led by AIP President Er Rasheed carried out a strong sit-in protest at Handwara against the killing of Khalid Gafar Malik a youth from Trehgam by the army.

Appealing New Delhi on the occasion to stop violence in Kashmir Er Rasheed on Thursday reiterated that J&K dispute needs a political resolution and violence will help no one to achieve the goal.

Er Rasheed protests against Trehgam killing, detained

Protesters carrying play cards were condemning the killing of slain youth at Trehgam. The protesters raised anti-forces slogans and appealed saner voices everywhere to intervene and make New Delhi understand that there are no shortcuts to the resolution of Kashmir dispute. While addressing the protesters Rasheed reminded the government of its tall hollow claims that it is a democratic country which strongly believes in Gandhian principles of nonviolence.

“Whatsoever is happening in Kashmir is ample proof to negate India’s claims of tolerance and respecting rights of people. Had Gandhi been alive today he would have preferred to leave India rather arguing with those dealing with Kashmiris only through the barrel of a gun and butchering small kids with ruthless bullets. Justifying shameless killings by taking the cover of AFSPA has destroyed the professional capabilities of the army. Terrorism and use of force have become the epicenter of India’s state policy, but this harsh, inhuman and draconian policy is bound to fail for obvious reasons,” the spokesman quoted Er Rasheed as saying.

Rasheed added that justifying every killing has become a routine matter and cold-blooded murder of Trahgam youth can never ever be justified in any civilized society. He also condemned the use of force on protesters in Trehgam and others parts of district Kupwara who were protesting against the killing of Khalid Gafar Malik and said that government forces must understand that they are not dealing with law and order situation but the outrage is the outcome of a huge political failure of seventy years. Later Rasheed was detained at Vodhpora on way to Trehgam and detained in Police station Handwara.


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