Erring Report Sparks Protest Against Diagnostic Centre In Karan Nagar

KL Report


Attendants of a patient staged a protest in Sri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital (SMHS) after the condition of  a lady patient went from bad to worse due to erring report of a diagnostic centre.

Reports said that Jana Begum wife of Sanaullah Najar of Pattan were advised by doctors to go for a blood group test.

“I took my mother to Karan Nagar where here blood test was done by a lab technician at Medicare Diagnostic Image Centre. The report showed her blood group as O positive.The doctors in SMHS Hospital accordingly supplied her this group of blood but she developed shivering and her condition went from bad to worse,” the son of Jana Begum told CNS.

He said that the doctors were shocked to find a grave error in the report of Diagnostic Centre. “Instead of showing A positive the Centre had shown the blood group of my mother as O positive which had brought her on the verge of death,” he said demanding stern action against the owners of the Diagnostic Centre.

Medicare Diagnostic Image Centre while confirming this ‘blunder’ told CNS that it was a mistake on part of lab technician and we apologize to the family of the patient.

Meanwhile, family members of a patient tried to ransack medical shop in Nawakadal Srinagar after the owner of the shop allegedly injected an expired vaccine (Karogon HP-500) into the body of a lady.

“I was restless after my wife developed shivering and when I observed that she had been given expired injection by the owner of ‘Arzoo Medical Hall’, I was shocked,” Imtiyaz Ahmed told CNS adding that stern action should be taken against those medical shops who keep expired drugs in their stores.


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