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Nayeem-KhanStrongly reacting against the proposed hoisting of tricolour in Lal Chowk on May 16, by “some trouble mongers”, National Front chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan Tuesday termed it as an act of provocation by “fascist and extremist forces” hell-bent to spread hatred.

“Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory and those who want to hoist tricolour in Lal Chowk must know that by their silly acts the ground reality of the state cannot be changed,” Khan said in a statement.

He said that such kind of nuisance forces have started a campaign of hatred against Kashmiri people on social media. “Go to Youtube or any other such social website, you can see how actively they are campaigning against Kashmiri Muslims,” Khan said adding “the irony is that some elements from the Pandit community are wholeheartedly supporting this campaign against Kashmiri Muslims.”

One wonders, he said, how the law enforcing agencies spare such hate spreading elements even knowing about their illegal activities.

“The role of Indian media especially the electronic media is very unfortunate in this regard and it has volunteered itself to favour the anti-Kashmiri trouble creators keeping aside all professional ethics,” he said.

Khan warned that if these anti-Kashmir and anti-Muslim elements are not tamed, the situation can go to anywhere “and the responsibility of which entirely goes on the so called government which has decided to remain as a mute spectator.”

He said that Mufti Sayeed regime has become a “puppet in the hands of the Hindu extremist forces” and has closed its eyes towards the plight of Kashmiri Muslims.


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